US considers fresh military action in Libya and more 11AM Zedlines

Pentagon officials are currently reviewing their military options in Libya, as they brace for an IS attack.

Child abuse survivor blames Brisbane Archbishop

A witness at the child sexual abuse royal commission has blamed current Archbishop of Brisbane Phillip Aspinall for the abuse he suffered from a convicted paedophile.

The witness claims that Mr Aspinall encouraged him to go and sleep in the bed of clergyman Gareth Hawkins.

The hearing heard that Mr Aspinall was later dismissive of the witness’ claims that Mr Hawkins had abused him.


Online petition calls for vet fee investigation 

A Brisbane man is calling for an investigation into the cost variance of veterinary clinics after being faced with a $3000 bill to treat his pet dog, Rocket.

Mr Whyte said he made the decision to have Rocket put down, but still received an $1800 bill for an ultrasound, an overnight stay and medicines.

Spokesperson for Australian Veterinary Association David Neck says cost variations can be “due to machine use, location and staffing costs.”


Catherine McGregor apologises over Morrison comment

Australian of the Year finalist  and transgender military officer Catherine McGregor has apologised for calling the appointment of former chief of army David Morrison a “weak and conventional choice.”

Ms McGregor made the remarks to the gay and lesbian magazine the Star Observer, saying that the National Australia Day Council board did not “have the courage to go with an LGBTI person.”

“I wish to apologise to the National Australia Day Council unconditionally for my remarks in the Star Observer” she said. 


Austistic children suffer under "lasting effects of bullying"

The Autistic Family Collective is calling on education providers to be mindful of the lasting effects of bullying.

Members of the group have carried out a survey on their children’s experiences that includes details of death threats and physical abuse.

The survey will be given to state education ministers in a push for better training for teachers and more resources for inadequately equipped schools.

Pentagon considers fresh action in Libya

America is considering new military action in Libya.

Pentagon officials are currently reviewing “military options” to stop the Islamic State militant group from gaining ground in another oil-rich Mideast nation.

US ground forces in Libya are currently looking for local allies, ready for what one military spokesperson says will be a “decisive” confrontation with IS.


Sudan opens borders to the south

Sudan has opened it’s borders to South Sudan for the first time since the south’s secession in 2011.

Sudan’s president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, has ordered the opening of the borders, saying that all the relevant authorities need to take heed, and implement all measures required to make it happen.

The border was closed five years ago after relations between the two countries crumbled, following the south breaking away after a long civil war.

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir holds “serious reservations” about the peace deal.