North Queensland communities await water allocation outcome - and more 10am Zedlines.

North Queensland communities await water allocation increase hoped to improve irrigation. Source: Wikicommons

North Queensland communities await water allocation outcome

Communities in inland North Queensland are waiting eagerly for the outcome of a water allocation increase that is hoped to improve irrigation in the area.

Tenders recently closed in a State Government process that would release an additional 250,000 megalitres from the Flinders River, allowing development of irrigated agriculture.

The hope is that new irrigation projects will result in an increase in jobs and economic development.

Graham Quirk pledges new city subway system

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has flagged a new high frequency subway system for the city under his March 19 election commitments.

The $1.54 billion proposal will link Woolloongabba to Herston and would see a rubber-tyred metro service operate on altered sections of the south-east and inner northern busways, the first of its kind in Australia.

Billed as a solution to inner city bus congestion, the “Brisbane Metro” is estimated to almost halve current peak hour commute times.

Fighting myths on World Leprosy Day

With yesterday being World Leprosy Day health advocates and Australian survivors were fighting to dispel myths surrounding the disease.

Contrary to assumptions that leprosy is extinct in the West, recent data from the Department of Health reveals there were 185 recorded cases in Australia in the past decade, with 13 of those being declared last year alone.

The cases have however not been acquired locally with all cases having been immigrants or Australians who have spent lengthy time in parts of the world where leprosy are common.

Cormann backs Abbott's stay in politics

Tony Abbott’s decision to remain in parliament after an LNP party elder called for his immediate resignation has been defended by Cabinet Minister Mathias Cormann.

Howard government minister Amanda Vanstone suggested those urging Mr Abbott to stay are doing him a disservice and he should rule out the temptation of a future leadership challenge by leaving politic.

Senator Cormann rejected this view, saying Tony Abbott is not a destabilising force.

Arrests made after downing of helicoptor in Tanzanian game reserve

Tanzanian police have arrested three men after the death of a British pilot.

The pilot was flying his helicopter in the Maswa Game Reserve in Northern Tanzania tracking suspected elephant poachers when he was fired upon by the gunmen.

Gower’s South African colleague allegedly leapt from the helicopter midair as it crashed, while three elephant carcasses found nearby point to the discovery of a serious illegal hunting spree.

Syrian peace talks under pressure before they begin

Syria’s main opposition groups are threatening to walk away from planned peace talks before they even begin.

Representatives from the umbrella mainstream body are refusing to enter into talks with President Bashar al-Assad’s government until conditions on the ground improve.

More than 260,000 people have been killed in the war since 2011.