Dutch police have come up with a novel way to combat illegal use of Drones - And more 9am Zedlines.

The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb) and the ministry of justice have begun training eagles to take out drones in the air. (Image source; Creative commons)

Local News

Synthetic cannabis causes another death

Drug experts have warned decisive action is needed to tackle synthetic cannabis following the tragic death of a teenager at the weekend after he smoked a joint that was likely laden with untested and dangerous chemicals.

There are even calls to legalise cannabis to prevent people turning to the potentially lethal alternatives.

Police claim the drugs seized contained a dangerous chemical called AB-CHMINACA, which has been linked to seizures and psychotic episodes.

Anti-bikie laws could lead to police corruption: Bar Association

A submission to the inquiry into Queensland’s controversial anti-bikie laws raises concerns over the risk of police corruption in relation to the legislation.

Queensland barristers have hit out at the use of anti-association laws and use of inadequate forms of proof as fostering an environment which could lead to corruption among police, saying the legislation should not be adopted in the state.

The Bar Association also used their submission to cast doubts over the crime statistics used by the state government to justify the laws.


National News

Return of Kings not so triumphant as founder announces Australian travel plans

An international meet up day co-ordinated by Return of Kings, a group advocating legalising rape on private property, has drawn wide criticism after founder Daryush Valizadeh revealed he will be travelling to Australia for the event.

ROK supporters are set to meet in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth on Saturday February 6, with the event open to straight heterosexual men.

A petition to ban Mr Valizadeh from the country has already received 24 000 signatures.

Stan Grant hints at political ambition

Wiradjuri man and journalist Stan Grant hinted at a future in federal politics during an appearance on Q&A last night.

A speech he gave to the Ethics Centre on Indigenous issues and racism in Australia went viral on Australia Day, and Mr Grant says the response to the video was extremely encouraging.

Mr Grant currently does not align himself with any political party, saying he wants Indigenous issues to be rise above partisan divisions.



Zika virus now a global health emergency: World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation has declared the zika virus an international health emergency as birth abnormalities linked to the illness climb in Brazil.

WHO are calling for a coordinated response to stem the outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus, including early detection and work on a vaccine.

The Pan American Health Organisation says the virus has spread to 24 nations and territories across the continent.

Eagles being used to combat criminal use of drones

Drone technology has raised a number of issues for law enforcement agencies around the world and Dutch police have come up with a novel way to combat their use in criminal activities.

According to local news reports, The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb) and the ministry of justice have begun training eagles to take out drones in the air. “The bird sees the drone as prey and takes it to a safe place, a place where there are no other birds or people,” a spokesman for the trial project said.

Along with the eagle, authorities are also experimenting with equipment which can remotely take over control of a drone as well as a police drone which is programmed to fire at or capture an enemy drones.