CSIRO faces another round of job cuts - and more 11am Zedlines

Up to 300 positions could be cut from Australia’s peak science and research body over the next two years.

Water taxis barred from CBD

Brisbane City Council have denied an upcoming water taxi service access to the CBD.

Deputy mayor and infrastructure chairman Adrian Schrinner said the council is “far from being at a point to provide operation approval” of the water taxi service in the central business area.

Brisbane Ferry Service and Water Taxi founder and director Will Collyer says his vessel will be on the river within weeks, and has called on council to make more jetties available.


Bridge repairs to slow traffic

Motorists will have to reduce their speed along the Nerang River bridge due to ongoing repairs after Tuesday’s crash.

Damage to the southbound bridge railings, posts and concrete kerbs will take three weeks to rebuild.

Motorists will have to keep to an 80 km/h speed limit until the new infrastructure is installed.


CSIRO faces a round of job cuts

Up to 300 positions could be cut from Australia’s peak science and research body over the next two years.

The CSIRO is warning of significant job losses, with the organisation’s climate science teams expected to face the brunt of the cuts.

The organisation said it’s aiming to re-employ as many staff as possible under new roles.


Global painkiller use rising

The use of painkillers such as codeine and morphine in Australia has quadrupled over the last decade, according to a study.

The higher usage is mostly in developed countries, due to increasing pain management for aging populations.

International use of painkillers has doubled in high-income Western countries, which make up 95 per cent of global opioid use.


RAAF flights challenged by China 

The Australian air force is being routinely challenged by the Chinese military during flights over the South China Sea.

The increase in military warnings comes as China actively tries to enforce claims over large sections of the vital body of water.

Chief of the Air Force, Air Marshal Leo Davies, said surveillance flights in the area have been increased in order to send a message to China.


World's largest windfarm announced

The construction of the world’s biggest offshore windfarm has been announced by Dong Energy.

The multi-billion pound project will be built off the north-east coast of the UK and is expected to power as many as one million homes.

The announcement is a major boost for the UK wind energy industry, which was hit last year by the planned cancellation of wind energy subsidies by the UK government.