British outcry over Fromelles centenary - and more 11am Zedlines

A bar on British citizens from attending centenary commemorations of the Battle of Fromelles displays a continuing animosity. (Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons)

Protestors block demolitionists in Highgate Hill:

Several protestors have blocked demolitionists from entering a site in Highgate Hill with the fate of two heritage listed homes resting in the hands of developers.

Locals say a plan for a five storey complex on the site will destroy the character of the area and had gone ahead with private certifier approval without it ever going to council for, as council records did not show the homes to be built prior to 1911.

The oversight means the developer is currently within their legal rights to knock down both the houses even though one was actually built in 1882.

A temporary local planning instrument was rushed through last week’s council meeting with both council and state government scrambling for more permanent measures to save the homes.

Shops sit vacant in Rockhampton as pressure hits local businesses:

More than 50 shops sit vacant in Rockhampton’s CBD as the city struggles with the fallout from Cyclone Marcia, the mining downturn, and the Queensland drought.

Prior to Christmas the Rockhampton Regional Council commissioned a local artist to paint murals in the empty windows of East Street, as a short term beautification project, but the murals are no longer visible and questions are circling on how to attracts business back.

Capricornia Chamber of Commerce President, Peter Fraser, fears vacant shops could discourage business people from investing in Rockhampton, a move that would cripple the already fragile local economy.

Jail time predicted for the source of a government leak:

The person behind the leaking of a draft government document outlining plans for sweeping changes to Australia’s humanitarian resettlement program could be jailed.

The document was leaked to the ABC’s Lateline program late last week before Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had even seen it.

The leaking of the document has been referred to the Australian Federal Police.

British outcry over Fromelles centenary: 

British relatives of fallen soldiers are furious after being barred from attending centenary commemorations of the Battle of Fromelles.

Currently only Australian passport holders will be allowed to attend this year’s service with some stating the UK’s contribution is being airbrushed from history.

The tragic battle is considered by many as the worst moment in Australian history with many survivors blaming the incompetence of British commanders for the almost 6,000 Australian casualties of that 24 hour period.

Some in the UK claim the decision to only allow Australian passport holders to attend the 100th anniversary service is evidence of an ongoing animosity over the battle.

Professor to leave Wheaton College over Facebook post:

A US Professor who said Muslims and Christians worship the same God will leave the evangelical university near Chicago where she lectured according to a joint statement released by Wheaton College.

Larycia Hawkins had been scheduled for a disciplinary hearing in five days to determine whether she could remain at Wheaton however a statement said the College and Dr Hawkins had come to a mutual resolution where both would part ways.

The tenured political science professor came under fire when she posted on Facebook  last year saying she would don the hijab head scarf during the period of advent as a sign of solidarity with Muslims as the two groups worship the same God.

Chinese Police finally speak on missing booksellers:

Chinese police have confirmed for the first time in four months that three of the five missing Hong Kong booksellers are being investigated for illegal activities.

Lui Por, Cheung Chi-Ping and Lam Wing-Kee from the Mighty Current publishing house disappeared in mainland China in October of 2015.

The booksellers specialise in selling and publishing titles critical of China’s Communist Party leaders.