Rare albino turtle spotted on Sunshine Coast - And more 8am Zedlines....

In local news…

Lockout laws face uphill battle after parliamentary committee fails to reach decision

A parliamentary committee reviewing Queensland’s proposed lockout laws could not reach a consensus on whether to support the bill a week out from it being debated in parliament.

The Opposition says it will not support the laws which would see a 1am lockout, a ban on the sale of shots after midnight and 2am last drinks imposed across the state, except in casinos and other commercial licence holders.

If the legislation passes the committee recommended the laws be reviewed 18 months after commencement.

Rare albino turtle spotted on Sunshine Coast

Beachgoers have been left shocked at the sighting of a rare albino green turtle at Castaways Beach on the Sunshine Coast this week, which was found by environmental group Coolum and North Shore Coast Care.

It measures at five centimetres wide with red eyes and white flippers, and a spokesperson from the Queensland Government’s Threatened Species Unit says albino hatchlings occur at a rate of one out of a hundred thousand.

Albino turtles have a low survival rate as they do not have the colour patterns that would allow them to camouflage themselves from predators.


In national news…

Freed hostage to continue work in Burkina Faso

Jocelyn Elliot, the Australian woman kidnapped in Burkina Faso by jihadists and freed over the weekend, says she wants to be reunited with her husband Ken Elliot so they can go back to Burkina Faso to continue their medical practice.

The couple are running the only medical clinic in the town of Dijbo for 44 years and were kidnapped in Baraboule which has seen the people of Dijibo beg for their release on social media.

Mr Elliot, who is a doctor, is currently still being held hostage and there has been no conditions of release given by the kidnappers however further negotiations have commenced.

George Pell excused from giving evidence in person to royal commission

Controversial Cardinal George Pell has been excused from giving evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Instead, Cardinal Pell will give evidence via video link from Rome to the inquiry after Justice Peter McClellan, the Commission chair, accepted medical reasons involving heart failure as the reason for not flying to Australia to appear in person.

It was also announced that Pell’s medical report would not be available to the public.

In international news…

Eight-year-old girl found alive in Taiwan earthquake rubble

An eight-year-old girl and her aunt have been found alive in the Taiwan earthquake rubble almost three days after it occurred.

Rescuers pulled Lin Su-Chin and her aunt Chen Mei-jih out from the remains of their apartment block and the pair were taken to Hospital.

38 people have been declared dead and over 100 missing from the disaster which occurred on Saturday at 4 am local time.

Four injured by Leopard roaming school grounds in India

Four people have been injured trying to capture a leopard in south India which roamed around a school for hours where it remained undetected.

Forestry officials and police chased the leopard out the school but it later re-entered and was tranquilised and then taken to a national park.

Wild animals are often found roaming populated areas in India looking for prey.