First cloned cow gives birth to calf - and more 11am Zedlines

The first and only calf in the world to be created using handmade cloning technology in Central Queensland has reached another milestone

First cloned cow gives birth to calf

The first and only calf in the world to be created using handmade cloning technology in Central Queensland has reached another milestone.

Three-year-old Brangus cow Eve, named after the biblical first woman, now has her own natural bull calf and is said to be more fertile than her original.

Reproductive scientist Simon Walton, who created Eve, says her successful pregnancy should dispel any concerns that cloned animals were anything to be afraid of like Frankenstein.


Australian grass makes stronger condoms

It has been discovered that an Australian genus of grass has the potential to create stronger, ultra-thin condoms that would help reduce the rising number of sexually transmitted diseases.

University of Queensland researchers have found fibres from Australian native spinifex grass, a flowering plant that can withstand extreme conditions, could be separated to produce nanocellulose which, when added to latex production, significantly improves its physical properties.

Nanocellulose, material derived when plant fibres are separated into smaller and smaller parts, has exceptional strength characteristics, is lightweight and renewable.


Telstra manager causes network outage

Telstra has blamed a staff manager for the widespread network outage that affected millions of customers who were unable to make calls or access data for several hours on Tuesday.

The telco's chief operating officer, Kate McKenzie, said the embarrassing human error occurred after a malfunctioning node on the network was taken offline.

Instead of reconnecting the servers to one of network's operational nodes, a Telstra worker routed customers back to a redundant connection point.

In an effort to make amends, Telstra yesterday tweeted that customers could enjoy free mobile data next Sunday.


Only two Closing the Gap targets achieved

The closing the gap report of 2016 is underway in parliament today, and so far reports show that only two targets have been met.

The report shows that the infant mortality rate in indigenous children have dropped along with an increase in indigenous children finishing high school.

However this is only two of the seven target areas that were reached.


Fears for hunger-striking Palestinian journalist

A Palestinian journalist on hunger strike after being detained by Israel without trial or charge for two months is feared to be near death.

On November 21 last year, Israeli forces raided the home of 33-year-old Mohammad al-Qeeq and took him away in the middle of the night.

Israel has not accused Mr al-Qeeq of any violent acts and has not charged him with anything.

Instead he has been held for the past two months in what is called administrative detention and his lawyer has confirmed Mr al-qeeq has not eaten for 78 days.


Taiwan developer held in custody after earthquake

A Taiwan court has ruled that the developer of a building that collapsed during an earthquake on the weekend, killing at least 39 people, be held in custody.

four men from the Golden Dragon Building's developer group are being held without bail on suspicion of negligent homicide while the authorities finish their investigation, the Tainan District Court said in a statement on Tuesday.

The earthquake which hit on Saturday morning caused the building to collapse, leaving questions about the building's construction quality, especially materials used to build it.