Greyhound trainer pleads guilty on animal abuse charges - and more 9am Zedlines

Greyhound trainer Tom Noble has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty offences. Image Source: WikiCommons

UPF launches political party in designated Refugee Welcome Zone

Anti-Islamic group United Patriots Front has chosen Toowoomba as the town to launch their political party, Fortitude.

Toowoomba is a designated Refugee Welcome Zone, and community leaders in Toowoomba have taken a stand against the group by ignoring their party launch and discouraging any counter protests.

Leader of the United Patriots Front, Blair Cottrell, said the attention given to the group from counter protests has been indispensable and has forced his group into the faces of thousands of Australians that would otherwise not have known they existed.

Greyhound trainer facing prison on animal cruelty charges

Greyhound trainer Tom Noble could face a lengthy prison sentences after pleading guilty to all 15 charges of serious animal cruelty offences.

Noble was charged following a Four Corners expose` which included graphic footage of live baiting practices at his Churchable training facility.

Noble was the first person charged under new animal cruelty laws which carry a maximum seven years prison for each offence.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and hospitalisation below national average

A new report has found the hospitalisation rate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies under 12 months is eight times higher than that of the rest of the population.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s report also found that injury rates increased with remoteness and that 51% of young people hospitalised in remote areas are Indigenous.

The report said the ongoing effects of colonisation, social disadvantage, drug and alcohol misuse, poor safety standards and unsafe roads and living environments all contributed to higher rates of hospitalisation for young Indigenous people.

CSIRO confirms staff cuts to climate monitoring and modelling

The CSIRO has confirmed half its staff currently working on climate modelling and monitoring will be axed.

CSIRO Chief Executive Larry Marshall announced last week the CSIRO will be changing priorities away from understanding the nature of climate change towards adaptation and mitigation.

The change in priorities was widely criticised, which Marshall said is surprising considering the United States has 75 percent of its environment investment dedicated to mitigation.

Physicists document gravitational waves for the first time

Physicists have announced the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in the space-time continuum first predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago.

The announcement comes after 25 years of refining and perfecting instruments capable of detecting distortion in spacetime one thousandth of the diameter of one atomic nucleus across a four kilometer strip.

The discovery will give physicists and astronomers new ways to examine stars, black holes, and other astronomical phenomena.

NATO to send ships to Aegean Sea without clear mission

NATO has announced it will send ships into the Aegean Sea to stop people smugglers, however it remains unclear what the role of the ships would be since it was also stated that refugee vessels would not be stopped or turned around.

US Air Force General Philip Breedlove said yesterday the mission had come together in the preceding 20 hours and he was then tasked with defining the mission.

Aid groups including Doctors Without Borders have criticised the move, calling for humanitarian aid instead of more deterrence measures.