20,000 protest in Wisconsin against anti-Latino/immigrant laws, and more 11am Zedlines

Up to 20,000 Latinos and immigrants have descended on Wisconsin's capital to protest laws they say are discriminatory. Source: Wikicommons

Wild storm hits Kenilworth

Kenilworth residents are cleaning up after a wild storm struck the Sunshine Coast Hinterland yesterday afternoon.

The storm tore through the town with little warning around 5pm bringing down trees and powerlines and damaging shops.

Further storms are predicted in the hinterland later today.

Palmer owes $26 million on private jet

Minutes of the first meeting of Clive Palmer’s creditors reveal Mr Palmer’s aviation company owes 26 million dollars, mostly owed on the company’s corporate jet, which Mr Palmer uses for political and business trips.

Aviation experts have speculated that the sale of the jet would only raise around ten to fifteen million dollars, leaving creditors millions out of pocket.

Freedom of Information reveals that the jet flew hundreds of trips between 2012 and 2014 for Mr Palmer’s businesses and for his Palmer United political party.

Land court approves Shenhua destruction of koala habitat

The proposed Shenhua coal mine has been given approval to destroy the habitats of 262 koalas which will be moved to another location if the mine goes ahead.

The decision was handed down by the New South Wales land and environment court this morning after the Upper Mooki Landcare environmental group challenged Shenhua Watermark Coal this morning over the destruction of the habitat.

Shenhua’s proposed plan is to encourage the koalas to move away from the area themselves, and failing that the plan is to manually move the koalas in bags to the new area.

WA to expand Aboriginal Vistors Scheme

The Western Australian government has expanded a scheme to support Indigenous people in custody by providing a 24 hour service to the Aboriginal Visitors Scheme which provides counselling and support.

Black deaths in custody campaigners say the new scheme is not what was promised by the state government, labelling it a disappointing, reductionist version of the services that were promised.

Shaun Harris, whose niece Ms Dhu, died in police custody in 2014, says Western Australia should have copied New South Wales’ mandatory custody notification scheme which requires police officers to call the Aboriginal Visitors Scheme service when an Indigenous person arrived at the station.

New South Wales has not had an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander die in custody since 2000 when the law was introduced.

Wisconsin: 20,000 protest in "A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants"

Up to 20,000 Latinos and immigrants have descended on the US state of Wisconsin’s Capitol Square to protest two bills currently moving through the legislature that they say are discriminatory.

The first bill, approved Tuesday by the state Assembly, would cut funding to cities who don’t enforce immigration statutes while the second will crack down on the issuing of local ID cards.

The protest, entitled “A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants”, was the biggest movement in the state since 2011 and aimed to point out the state’s reliance on immigrant labour.

US kills 38 civilians in Syria

At least 38 civilians were killed by US airstrikes in Syria in the last two days, according to a British-based Syrian monitoring group.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said of those killed at least 15 were killed when strikes in a bakery in the city of al-Shadadi near the Iraq border.

The US-led coalition is also hitting Islamic State controlled areas in Iraq.