Supply and demand issue in the South East - and more 11am Zedlines:

Drug and alcohol services in the South East are struggling to meet demand due to funding.

Supply and demand issue in the South East:

A drug and alcohol service in the Wide Bay Region has said they’re in such high demand that they are often working with more clients than they are funded to assist.

Bridges Health and Community Care allegedly services a case load 40 per cent higher than they have been funded to deliver and are struggling with the pressure.

CEO Sharon Sarah said alcohol is the most-abused drug followed by cannabis, with methamphetamine use increasing.

Locusts bring another devastating blow to graziers:

Graziers in North Queensland have had their joy quickly turned to despair after recent rains graced their properties.

A combination of hot summer temperatures and high rainfall has proven irresistible for yellow-winged locusts who have swarmed properties, landing a second blow on drought affected locals.

The authorities are unable to help the struggling graziers as locusts have not been declared pests in Queensland.

Liberal Party members undemocratically suspended:

Three Liberal Party members have been suspended from the party for six months after appearing on a 7:30 investigation into Liberal preselections.

Former federal MP Ross Cameron, former NSW Upper House MP Charlie Lynch, and branch member Juris Laucis were all suspended under the party’s constitution, in a move some are labeling undemocratic.

All three members are aligned or sympathetic to the right faction of the party, but their comments were thought to likely cause damage to the reputation of the division and cause embarrassment to the party.

Australian wool industry to implode:

Europe’s biggest raw wool processor has expressed fears Australia’s wool export industry will implode over animal welfare issues.

Former director of Australian Wool Innovation Laurence Modiano’s family owns Europe’s biggest wool combing mill in the Czech Republic, and he recently released a petition co-signed by 70 per cent of the world’s major early stage processors.

The petition is calling for pain relief to be made a legal requirement for any on-farm surgical procedures for sheep of any age with fears animal welfare issues were compromising wool demand.

Cyclone devastation rising:

New information from Fiji has revealed the death toll is still climbing, with the new official number standing at 10.

Authorities are continuing to assess the damage, however the toll on homes has also risen to 800.

Australia has pledged $5 million in emergency aid and is also offering a P-3 Orion and several rescue helicopters to survey the destruction.

Berlin International Film Festival's Golden Bear:

Fire at Sea, a documentary about Europe’s refugee crisis has won the top prize at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The Golden Bear was presented to Italian Director Gianfranco Rosi who dedicated the prize to the people of Lampedusa, a people  with their hearts open to others.

The film looks at life on the Mediterranean Island where thousands of asylum seekers have arrived trying to reach the European Union in an effort to bring awareness.