Ride-sharing app Uber banned in Northern Territory and more 8am Zedlines

Barrett Centre shutdown raises concerns among psychiatrists, ride-sharing app Uber banned in Northern Territory and Syrian ceasefire to commence over the weekend. (Image source flickr)

New party announce candidates for Brisbane City Council election

People Decide, a new political party, has announced its candidates for the upcoming Brisbane City Council elections.

They will have three candidates running in the local council election to be held on the 19th of March one of which is Karel Boele, who will be vying for the Lord Mayor title.

Leon Lechner a local entrepreneur, will be a candidate for the redivided Gabba electorate, and Gary Graborenko a software developer will be running for the new electorate of Coorparoo.

Barrett Centre shutdown raises concerns among psychiatrists

The Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry has heard an email sent to West Moreton Hospital and Health Service executive director, Sharon Kelly, two years before the Barrett Centre's forced closure, showed psychiatrists across Queensland were concerned about the controversial shutdown.

The email said there was considerable angst amongst mental health professionals, as the Barrett Centre was the only residential mental health unit for youths.

Ms Kelly told the commission on Monday she was told by representatives from Queensland Health in 2012 the focus of the Queensland Mental Health Plan was on caring for as many patients in local communities as possible as opposed to a statewide focus, however a briefing document seen by the inquiry has revealed there’s been no capital funding for the proposed focus.

Ride-sharing app Uber banned in Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Government has moved to ban ride-sharing app Uber across the top end.

A review into the current legislation governing commercial vehicles decided not to amend the laws to make Uber legal.

Uber spokesperson Brad Kitchske says the Territory risks falling behind, however representatives from the taxi industry have welcomed the move.

Crossbench warns public over Senate change

A crossbench senator has warned proposed Senate voting reform to wipe-out micro-parties and independents could be a death warrant for micro parties.

Independent senator Glenn Lazarus fears legislation will be rubber stamped without proper review if the government gets a Senate majority.

The Labor legislative body is expected to discuss the changes when it meets in Canberra on Tuesday.

Syrian ceasefire to commence over the weekend

A cessation in hostilities in Syria will commence this Sunday after a breakthrough in the US and Russia led peace negotiations.

The ceasefire will allow aid to be distributed across the country as well as commence further talks paving the way for a new Syrian Government.

Islamic State and Al Nusra Front militants will be exempt from the ceasefire, which will be the second attempt at peace in as many weeks.

Coastal cities on front line as rising sea levels confirmed in new research

Greenhouse gas emissions are believed to be behind the fastest rise in sea levels in the last 28 centuries according to a report released yesterday.

The report examined a larger data set to confirm previous projections of a three to four foot rise in sea levels in the next 90 years if humans continue on the current track of environmental degradation.

Co-author of the paper, Stefan Rahmstorf, says if their predictions are realised many coastal cities will have to be abandoned.