Study finds climate change a key cause of bushfires - And other 10am Zedlines

A new study has linked the increase in bushfires in Tasmania to human-induced climate change.

Bull sharks to be relocated

The Sunshine Coast Council is due to vote on a proposal to relocate a school of large bull sharks from a landlocked canal this week.

Seven 1.5-metre bull sharks were found in the Twin Waters canal system last year, causing concern for locals.

Councillor Jason O’Pray says the situation is dangerous because many children, dogs and other animals swim in the popular canals.

He says a one-year trial to non-lethally relocate the sharks will cost the Council approximately $60,000.

QR passengers left stranded on platforms

Brisbane commuters are being left behind on the crowd-choked Ferny Grove and Cleveland rail lines as three-carriage trains prove unable to take all passengers during morning peak times.

According to public transport advocacy group Rail Back on Track, people are simply refusing to catch the overcrowded trains, which carry more than 550 passengers in three-carriages.

The group claims passengers are being left behind at Alderley, Wilston, Windsor and Fortitude Valley stations.

Study finds climate change a key cause of bushfires

A new study has linked the increase in bushfires in Tasmania to human-induced climate change.

Fires are occurring in the state more frequently now than in the past 1,000 years.

Scientists say this increase is due to the shift of westerly winds towards Antarctica, a trend that has been connected to the depletion of the ozone layer.

The southward migration of westerly winds create drier conditions on land in Tasmania and subsequently more bushfire outbreaks.

‘Job for life’ no longer a reality

Across all age groups, the expectation of having a job for life no longer exists for more than two-thirds of Australian workers, a new national survey has found.

Younger workers in the early years of their career are expecting to retire at the age of 52, 15 years before the federal government has decided they should stop working.

Deloitte Access Economics surveyed one thousand four hundred people around the country across a variety of professions and ages and warns that an increase in confidence after the global financial crisis may be "creating unrealistic expectations", particularly in younger people.

Syria agrees to ceasefire with Russia and US

The Syrian Government has agreed to a ceasefire deal with Russia and the United States however doubts remain over how soon it will take effect.

Due to commence this Saturday, both analysts and rebel groups have expressed concerns over the deal due to the complexities of the Syrian battlefield.

Abu Ibrahim is commander of an opposition force in the north-west province of Latakia and says the ceasefire is a waste of time and difficult to implement on the ground.

He says many rebel groups could reject the agreement which he alleges was created without any consultation with the fighting factions.

Danish far-right group calls for ‘Australian-style’ immigration policy

A spokesman for a right-wing group in Denmark is arguing for the country to adopt an “Australian-style solution” to curb the number of asylum seeker arrivals

The Danish People’s Party has the stated aim of making Denmark the least attractive in western Europe for asylum seekers.

Mr Kristensen Berth is the European Affairs spokesman for the group and says Denmark needs an Australian solution such as sending the asylum seekers to north-eastern Greenland for processing.

The offshore processing plan does not have enough political support to pass parliament and other Danish parties have called the proposal crazy and probably illegal.