Former Queensland detective charged with fraud and more 10AM Zedlines

Mike Featherstone, his wife, son, and others were all embroiled in the scam, which sold alleged sports prediction software for millions of dollars. Source: Wiki Commons.

Brisbane DVD store closes amid falling sales

A local Brisbane DVD rental store will close it’s doors at the end of this month.

Owner Ann Frommelt has run the St Lucia business for almost 25 years, but says the rise in download and streaming services has left the store unable to compete.

The store has a history of being visited by many University of Queensland students during the 1990s.

Ms Frommelt says she will most miss the relationships she has made within the local community.


Queensland detective charged over betting scam

Former Queensland Detective Mick Featherstone has been formally charged with fraud over a scam selling betting and investment software to thousands of customers.

The scam has been the target of ongoing investigations for over two years and is believed to have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from the life savings of its victims.

The ABC reported in September 2014 that high pressure sales organisations on the Gold Coast were targeting investors with so called Sports Prediction software, selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

His wife and 21 year old son were among others charged at the same time.


Labor senator wants Safe Schools stopped

Rifts within the Labor party have emerged, with one senator calling for the Safe Schools program to be suspended amid a Government review.

Western Australian senator Joe Bullock has called for the program to be immediately stopped, despite Labor’s vocal support for the initiative.

The marginally taxpayer-funded program, which is designed to assist lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex school students, is currently under review after Coalition MPs cited their concerns with the program.


Melbourne YouTubers in police custody 

Three Melbourne pranksters are voluntarily in police custody after filming a fake shooting and kidnapping prank, scaring a father and his little girl.

Known as the Jamal brothers, the three YouTube personalities were criticised by Waleed Aly and Stan Grant, and appeared on three breakfast TV shows this morning before handing themselves over to police.

Victorian Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said the police will “charge them with whatever we can because this behaviour is just ridiculous and we do not want to encourage it in any form.”


Russia gives 10,000 automatic weapons to Afhan

More than 10, 000 automatic weapons have been given to the Afghani government by Russia.

Criticising Washington’s failure to support the Afghan government in their fight against insurgents, Russia delivered automatic rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition yesterday.

A Russian ambassador handed an AK47 machine gun to the National Security Adviser of Afghanistan, Mohammad Hanif Atnar at the Kabul airport as a symbol of the weapons transfer.

Cooperation between Russia and the USA in Afghanistan has broken down over recent months, as a result of disputes over the fighting in Syria.


Fiji in crisis after Cyclone Winston

Over 19,000 Fijians are sleeping in evacuation shelters, five days after Cyclone Winston swept through the island nation.

As conditions worsen, the government is urging families to bury their dead as quickly as possible due to electricity failures at overcrowded morgues.

A review of the coastal district shows ten villages have been completely destroyed, with 41 other villages yet to make contact with authorities, generating concern that the death toll may rise sharply.