10-year plan launched to help with Indigenous middle ear disease - and more 8AM Zedlines

A new plan has been launched to help with middle ear disease.

10-year plan launched to help Indigenous middle ear disease

A new 10-year plan has been launched by Queensland health authorities to help with middle ear disease which is commonly experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

The state is aiming to help around 5,000 children over the next year and the plan ensures that 500 Queensland health professionals will undergo training to better identify the disease.

Middle Ear disease falls under the top 20 diseases commonly experienced by Indigenous communities.

Coral bleaching detection warning

The detection of coral bleaching across a range of areas in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park has led the Marine Park Authority to warn that weather conditions over the next few weeks will be critical in determining whether mass bleaching and widespread death of coral will occur.

Climate change advocacy group 350.org has called on the federal government to protect the Reef by stopping development of the massive Adani coal mine in central Queensland.

The Marine Park Authority says sea surface temperatures have reached 2.5 degrees above the summer average in some areas, but coral can recover if ocean heat levels do not stay elevated for too long.

Consideration for voting system changes continues

Proposed changes to the voting system used to elect people to the Senate continue to be considered by Federal Parliament today.

Giving evidence to a Parliamentary Committee examining the changes, Constitutional law expert George Williams said the proposed changes were a major improvement on the existing system, while the ABC’s expert electoral analyst Antony Green also supported the overall impact of the changes which he said “"put preferences back in the hands of voters"

Rockstar Imam banned from singing in Portugal

Turkish religious authorities have banned an imam who is also a musician from singing at a concert in Portugal hosted by an art museum.

Imam Ahmet Muhsin Tuzer, who is known as the rocking Imam, fronts Turkish rock band Firock and was invited to sing in the city of Porto in April with another band.

Tuzer says there is nothing un-Islamic about the music which will be played and religious authorities are expected to soon make a statement about the banning.