Call for Julian Assange to be given freedom of movement - plus more 9am zedlines

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been stuck in the Ecuadoran embassy in London since 2012, but a new statement calls for his release (image:creative commons)

Barrett Centre Inquiry; doctor feared patients too unwell to be moved

In the ongoing Barrett Centre Inquiry, the inquiry has heard from the centre’s clinical director, Dr Trevor Sadler, that some patients were too unwell to be moved and represented a risk if moved to services not as well equipped to help.

Sadler says that he signed off the alternative service locations because there was no other option as the centre was closing.

Within eight months of the closing, three former patients from the centre died.


Report on the state of Brisbane public transport

A new state government report shows buses in the Brisbane area only ran 84 per cent of Brisbane's buses ran on time in the October to December period of last year, compared to nearly 95 per cent of Gold Coast buses and over 97 per cent of Sunshine Coast buses.

Spokesperson for Rail Back on Track, Robert Dow, said Brisbane's figure of between 80 and 85 per cent was similar to other capital cities.

The report showed public transport use for both trains and buses is continuing to increase, but customer concerns about the cost of fares to use public transport are also increasing.


Research shows cancer spread enhanced by chronic stress 

A new research conducted by Australian scientists shows that chronic stress enhances cancer and causes it to spread through the lymphatic system.

The study was performed on mice and it also shows that a blood pressure drug called propranolol may reduce the spread of cancer.

Trials have now begun to see if propranolol can stop tumours from spreading.  


Labor picks Dodson for Senate

Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson will become a federal Labor senator for WA, filling the vacancy left after Joe Bullock’s resignation.

Labor Party leader Bill Shorten has described Mr Dodson’s nomination as a win for Australia.

Mr Bullock resigned last night in protest against the party’s support of same-sex marriage.


Call for freedom of movement for Julian Assange

More than 100 human & legal rights organizations and 500 high profile signatories from more than 60 countries have supported a statement calling on the UK and Swedish governments to allow Australian Julian Assange freedom of movement, which would enable him to leave the Ecuador Embassy in London where he has been since 2012.

Four Nobel Peace Prize winners and many prominent Australians, including Julian Burnside and Philip Adams, are among those who have signed on in support of the statement, which follows a finding by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention that Mr Assange has been unlawfully detained by the UK and Sweden and should be released and compensated.

The statement was delivered to the Swedish and UK Permanent Representatives to the United Nations in Geneva.


Dozens of Iraqi soldiers killed by ISIL suicide bombers

ISIL suicide bombers have killed dozens of Iraqi soldiers in separate attacks in Baghdad and Fallujah.

The most recent attack happened yesterday in Fallujah with a convoy of the soldiers being targeted, while on Monday the attackers infiltrated an army in Baghdad and denoted their bombs.

ISIL claimed responsibility for the attacks online and listed the names of those who were killed.