Federal sources say negative gearing reform could be completely scrapped and more 9AM Zedlines

Mounting pressure from LNP backbenchers may see negative gearing policy reform completely dropped from government agenda. (Source: Flikr)

Alleged one-punch partner attempts second bail application

One of the two young men accused of the alleged one-punch death of Brisbane teenager Cole Miller claims he is not a violent person, as he seeks a second-chance at bail.

Daniel Jermaine Lee Maxwell, 21, is due to have his application heard in the Supreme Court on Thursday morning, after failing in his first bail attempt in the Brisbane Magistrates Court in January.

Mr Maxwell also says he rarely drinks alcohol has difficulty explaining his involvement in the assault, after his partner allegedly threw the punch which ended Mr Miller's life.


Dutton's office occupied over Asha's future

Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton’s Strathpine office was picketed yesterday by supporters of refugees, angry that the minister continues to say that he will send baby Asha and her mother back to Nauru.

Hundreds of Brisbane residents maintained a ten day vigil outside the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital last month in support of doctors and nurses who refused to release the one year old baby to security forces.

Refugee advocates and medical staff across Australia backed the lady Cilento staff.  


Negative gearing reform could be completely scrapped

The Federal Government may completely drop any policy changes to negative gearing.

Senior government sources have reportedly revealed a proposal to cap negative gearing deductions at $20,000 a year has now been rejected.

While Treasurer Scott Morrison has neither confirmed nor denied the policy scrapping, reports of backbencher pressure to completely remove negative gearing tax reform have been circulating for weeks.  


New NBN trials could halve roll-out cost

NBN Co has completed trials of a new, low-cost fibre technology that could halve the cost of delivering high-speed, all-fibre Internet connections to Australian homes, according to documents leaked this week.

The company has declined to release the trial results because the government insists it stick with current plans to use existing copper wiring.

The trials, carried out in Victorian town of Ballarat and suburban Melbourne, indicate the while the cost of an all fibre network could be halved, it would still be more expensive than the government’s currently-planned, hybrid solution.   


Fiji suffering critical conditions 

Tens of thousands of Fijians remain in 900 evacuation centres across the country, ten days after Cyclone Winton destroyed hundreds of towns and villages.

The islands that make up the Western Division have been the hardest hit with 30,000 people currently homeless.

The Fijian military is dropping rations to remote areas via helicopter and almost 700 troops are helping with the clean up program.


Germany to pay Afghan refugees to return home

Germany is now paying Afghan refugees 700 euro each to return home as tensions increase within Germany over refugee policies.

Courts and immigration centres are currently revising the rules for determining who can seek asylum in the country.

The Governor of Bavaria, Horst Seerhoffer, says the nation as divided and is calling for harsher treatment of refugees to discourage the arrivals.

Last year, more than a million refugees arrived in Germany, seeking asylum.