Unethical behaviour from the Commonwealth Bank - and more 10am Zedlines

The Commonwealth Bank is facing new accusations of unethical behaviour in its life insurance business after revelations it mistreated one of its own employees. (Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons)

Childhood anxiety cure trials:

Queensland researchers are trying to tackle crippling phobias for young children with OCD.

The therapy being trialled is called intense exposure therapy and it is allegedly curing childhood anxiety disorders in less than a day.

It uses a twin-pronged approached - play therapy plus the use of a drug once used to fight tuberculosis called D-Cycloserine.

Scientists have found the antibiotic affects certain receptors in the brain in the area responsible for unlearning fear responses.

Black lung:

A Senate committee will today hear evidence from black lung sufferers, mining and health experts on the recent re-emergence of the disease in Queensland.

Queensland is the only state to see black lung return, since the state's first case in 30 years emerged late last year five further cases have been confirmed with “30 to 40” potential cases flagged by the CFMEU.

Natural Resources minister Dr Anthony Lynham noted in January 8 of Queensland’s 14 underground coal mines had been operating above maximum coal dust levels until 2015.

Packaged pre-peeled Oranges cause outrage:

Clean Up Australia Day founder Ian Kierman has labelled the sale of packaged peeled oranges in the United States as convenience gone mad.

While a Whole Foods spokeswoman said customers loved the convenience their range of cut produce the product has been removed from the shelves.

As more than 700,000 people took to nature for the annual clean up Australia day yesterday Mr Kierman said he would hate to see the products trialled here.

Unethical behaviour from the Commonwealth Bank:

The Commonwealth Bank is facing new accusations of unethical behaviour in its life insurance business after revelations it mistreated one of its own employees.

Matthew Attwater was sacked by the bank in 2013 after a psychiatrist’s report deemed depression and post-traumatic stress to be affecting his work, though when Attwater made an insurance claim through CommInsure, the bank used the same report to find him capable of returning.

Beyond Blue chairman Jeff Kennett has lashed out at the the bank saying there was no excuse for its behaviour, which saw Attwater’s claim stretch over two-and-a-half years and forced him to sleep in his car.

Uber opens up to motorcyles in Bangkok:

Ride sharing app Uber has launched a new motorcycle service in Bangkok.

The trial began in a few parts of Thailand’s capital in a bid to expand the brand throughout Asia.

UberMOTO will work just like the car booking app, however passengers will use their smartphones to book freelance motorcycle riders, who will provide them with a helmet.

Samoa's ruling party headed for victory:

Samoa’s ruling party looks headed for a landslide election victory.

The Human Rights Protection Party has dominated Samoan politics since the 1980s and preliminary results show the party winning 47 of the 49 seats available.

Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says the overwhelming support showed the level of trust the country held for his party’s leadership.