Northern light's mesmerize UK and Germany in rare appearance - And more 8am Zedlines...

On Sunday night, some lucky people in the UK and Germany were treated to a rare sighting of the Northern Lights. (Image Source: Huffington Post)

Local News

Queensland house an even split after Cairns MP quits labor party

Cairns MP Rob Pyne has quit the Labor Party, leaving Queensland parliament with even numbers on both sides of the house.

A lack of reform agenda, as well as the sidelining of regional issues in favour of Brisbane-centric policy, was cited as a cause in the first term member’s exit.

Mr Pyne says he still expects to vote with Labor except where legislation conflicts with his personal values.


Meth use up across state according to sewage analysis

Methamphetamine use in Queensland is continuing to rise according to scientists who recorded increased levels of the drug in sewage catchments across the state.

Specific regions have not been named, however, samples from a large coastal city showed a 4.8 per cent increase in traces of the drug the last five years.

Researchers from the University of Queensland say analysing human waste can give an accurate snapshot of the overall health of a population.

National News

Federal Government sets more targets on International Women’s Day

Federal minister for women Michaelia Cash has plans to act on the gender pay gap, workplaces flexibility and increasing the Coalition’s commitment for women on federal government boards to commemorate International Women’s Day today.

Ms Cash, who is also the minister for employment, refused to call herself a feminist on ABC program Q&A last night.

Seven out of 31 ministers in the Turnbull Government’s cabinet are women, one more than in the Rudd-Gillard years and six more than during Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministership.


Adelaide set to open new defence facility by end of year

Adelaide is set to receive a multimillion-dollar defence facility as part of the 2016 Defence White Paper.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will today announce plans to launch the Centre for Defence Industry Capability by the second half of this year.

Both Mr Turnbull and Industry minister Christopher Pyne agreed South Australia will be at the forefront of the renewal of the country’s naval fleet.


International News

Northern Lights Mesmerize UK And Germany In Rare Appearance

On Sunday night, some lucky people in the UK and Germany were treated to a rare sighting of the Northern Lights.

The lights also known as Polar Aurorae, appear when particles from the sun enter the Earth's atmosphere near the magnetic poles of the Northern and Southern hemisphere, colliding with oxygen and nitrogen particles that emit a range of light as a result.

The lights are also called Aurora Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere and Aurora Australis in the Southern Hemisphere. Many people flock to these areas to “chase” the Aurorae, or locate spots with clear skies and a lack of light pollution to see the lights at their best.


Mexican President Says he won't pay for Trump Wall

Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto says his country will not pay for White House hopeful Donald Trump's proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump, front-runner to win the Republican Party presidential nomination for the November 8 election, is sparking outrage in Mexico with his campaign vow to build a wall along the southern U.S. border to keep out illegal immigrants and drugs, and to make Mexico pay for it.

When the Mexican president was asked if there was a scenario under which Mexico would pay if Trump won the presidency, Pena Nieto was clear stating that there was no scenario and that he regrets the plan and can’t agree with the American politician's position."