Controversy over developer donations to Councillors - plus more 10am zedlines

Revelations of developer donations to the LNP have led to calls for election disclosures.

Concerns continue over the impact of developers on Brisbane

Revelations about a second Brisbane City Council land deal involving a donor to the Liberal National Party has increased concerns about the excessive hold property developers have over planning decisions at local government level. The current election campaigns for local councils across Queensland have seen growing calls for pre-election disclosure of donations to political parties and candidates, as well as for Queensland to follow the lead of New South Wales in making it illegal for political parties to receive donations from developers.

Teenagers feared missing in Indooroopilly stormwater drain

Emergency crews are currently searching for a group of teenagers feared missing in a storm water drain at Indooroopilly. Storm water technicians are about to enter the drain system in the area, as the teenagers were seen entering the drains not long before rain began falling in the region.

Record temperatures in Melbourne

Melbourne has just experienced its hottest March night on record, with a minimum of twenty-nine degrees easily breaking the previous record of 26.9 degrees set in 2008. Victoria has been experiencing a major heatwave for the last week, with a number of towns recording their hottest March day.

Labor attacks on Greens intensify

The Deputy Leader of the ALP, Tanya Plibersek, has accused the Greens of doing the same as the Right-wing in Australia in using three word slogans to pretend there are easy answers to difficult problems. Ms Plibersek, whose Sydney seat is under threat from the Greens at the upcoming federal election, has been reported saying “the idea that you should just vote how you feel, kind of misses the point”. Her comments follow claims by fellow Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese of a secret preference deal between the Liberals and the Greens, an accusation the Greens have stated is completely false.

PNG losing significant rainforests

A new report has found an area of Papua New Guinea's internationally significant rainforests larger than Australia's entire Wet Tropics Heritage Area in north Queensland has been cleared or logged in the 10 years to 2014.

The latest report from the University of Papua New Guinea's Remote Sensing Centre shows pristine rainforest and unique species are being lost, and they are calling on PNG not to go ahead with major new logging concessions.

There are also concerns about the climate change impact of new logging, including for countries in South East Asia where weather is influenced by moisture from PNG's forests.

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation concludes summit

The Organistaion of Islamic Cooperation has concluded its summit in Jakarta, with world leaders issuing a declaration of support for the state of Palestine.

Among the resolutions is a call for boycotts of products made in Israeli occupied settlements in the West Bank or Golan Heights.

There was some controversy over the attendance of Sudanese president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, who is the subject of an International Criminal Court warrant. The American embassy in Indonesia expressed concern of Al-Bashir’s attendance, but as Indonesia is not a signatory to the ICC, there were no fears of arrest for the alleged war criminal.