Australia Border Force sends boats back to Indonesia and more 9AM Zedlines

The Australian Border Force has turned-back vessels from Indonesia, just weeks out from a regional forum to combat people smuggling where Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, will be present. (Source: Flikr)

Ipswich mayor welcomes misconduct investigation

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale is subject to a new misconduct investigation over his alleged failure to disclose share ownerships in family company, Waltill.

Standing for a fourth term as Mayor in the March 19 elections, Councillor Pisasale was cleared of a previous 11-month investigation last year.

The current investigation has been referred to the Regional Conduct Review Panel for hearing and determination.

Mr Pisasale said he welcomes the inquiry.


Parents want new underpass for Logan Road

Parents of Buranda State School children are calling for an underpass to be built on Logan Road, near Cleveland Street, fearing students may be killed.

While council has reportedly brightened the traffic lights and installed pedestrian warning lights, Coorparoo council candidates are promising greater changes.

ALP contender Matt Campbell has pledged $75,00 to conduct a study, Greens candidate David Hale says he is open to ideas to improve safety, and LNP Councillor Ian McKenzie has promised to work with police to patrol traffic at the intersection if elected.  


Border Force returns boats to Indonesia

The Australian Border Force maritime patrol has returned six Bangladeshis to Indonesia after being found on fishermen’s boats.

Reports say the patrol assisted the vessels, who were in distress, before taking crew and passengers aboard for interrogation.

The incident comes two weeks before the main regional forum to combat people smuggling in Bali, where Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will be in attendance.


Global warming here sooner, not later

Researchers predict dangerous global warming will come sooner than expected.

University of Queensland and Griffith University modelling projects average world temperatures to reach 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels by 2020, and 2 degrees by 2030.

Ben Hankamer from the UQ institute for molecular bioscience said the impact of rising energy demand shows the need for a rapid transition to renewables.


Indian teen to be charged with murder, sexual assault 

An Indian teenager will be charged with murder and rape after the 15-year-old girl he is alleged to have assaulted and then set fire to, died in hospital yesterday.

The girl suffered burns to 90% of her body in Monday’s attack.

Her father says the alleged perpetrator has been stalking the girl for over a year, and he had informed police.


Malaysia's new mega city 

The construction of a new mega city in Malaysia has been approved and awarded to a Chinese construction firm.

Named 'Forest City', the $80bn project will involve the construction of four reclaimed islands and a significant expansion of Malaysia’s second largest city, Johor Bahru.

The Malaysian government hopes 'Forest City' will increase Malaysia’s share of the international trade going through Singapore.