Business women taking Brisbane by storm and more 10AM Zedlines

Brisbane business women are on the rise, with technology allowing women greater career advancement opportunities. (Source: Flikr)

Brisbane business women booming

The number of Brisbane women starting small businesses is on the rise according to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland.

Policy Advisor Catherine Pham, points to a 46 per cent increase in the number of women business operators over the past two decades, almost twice that of men.

Ms Pham said the internet has lowered the barriers to entry for small business while larger companies are not moving fast enough to offer career advancement to women.


Development agency unsettles local real estate

Residents’ associations and real estate agents across Brisbane are nervous about the impact of Trac Constructions insolvency.

The company reported this morning it owes nine million dollars and is unable to complete seven construction sites across the city.

South Brisbane real estate agent Rob Honeycombe said apartment prices fell 1% in February, while house prices rose by more than 2% in the same period.

Greens candidate for the Gabba Jonathan Sri, said developments are being approved on the basis of short term profit rather than long term planning.


Education Minister cracks down on low-scoring students

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham has threatened to interfere in University entrance procedures after a Fairfax Media investigation revealed that many universities accept students with results well below the published entry requirements.

Minister Birmingham says that both students and the business community need confidence in the quality of the education being offered at universities.

Mr Birmingham said last night the current entry requirements are "opaque as a double frosted window".


Australian bases provide American missle launch pad

Australia’s northern military bases will be a launching pad for American long-range bombers US General Lori Robinson said in Canberra yesterday.

Commander of the US Pacific Air Forces, General Robinson said the US and Australia are now discussing the role of Australia in the US strategic plan for South East Asia.

B-1 bombers re-fuelling in Australia will be able to patrol the South China sea.


Record number of rhinos killed last year

A record number of African rhinos were killed by poachers last year.

More than 1,300 rhinos were killed continent-wide, driven by market demand for their in the far east.

Chair of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Mike Knight says despite a decline in poaching in South Africa, rhino poaching increased in neighbouring Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Mr Knight praised rangers for putting their lives on the line to prevent poaching.


Iran in danger of breaching international military law

Iran launched a range of ballistic missiles this week, possibly breaching international limits placed on its military activities.

The Revolutionary Guard announced that some of the missiles have a range of 2,000 kilometres.

The limits imposed by the UN Security Council ban Iran from developing weapons designed to carry nuclear weapons.

Iran claims these weapons do not breach that requirement.