Apple in court over privacy stance, and more 10am Zedlines

The US Justice Department is taking Apple to court in an attempt to unlock San Bernadino shooter's iPhone. Source: Wikicommons

State accused of revenue raising over liquor licenses

The State Government has been accused of revenue grabbing after collecting more than four-hundred-and-ten-thousand dollars in unpaid liquor licenses.

More than 25 per cent of licenses across Queensland missed the renewal deadline, with some venues claiming they had not received any notice

Restaurant and Catering Australia Chief Executive John Hart says there could have easily been more communication but the Government clearly wanted to raise the revenue instead.

Turnbull asks for crossbench support on industrial bills

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has told the crossbench they must vote for the Government’s industrial relations bills or risk a double dissolution election.

Mr Turnbull says the decision to dissolve both houses would only be made to resolve an impasse between the Lower and Upper Houses.

The industrial relations bills to reinstate the building and construction watchdog and to increase union transparency are both facing a possible second defeat in the Senate.

Study shows academics embellishing research for funding

Australian academics say they have to exaggerate or embellish the potential impacts of their research when applying for funding.

A study has revealed many academics are unsure how to answer questions relating to how significant the outcomes of their research will be.

The Head of the Australian Research Council has rejected the claims saying there is a difference between speculating and lying.

The study is based on interviews with 50 academics from Australian and the UK.

Apple in court over privacy stance

The US Justice Department has appeared before the federal court hoping to force Apple to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters.

The government says accessing the smartphone may uncover evidence in relation to a mass shooting in California last December, which left fourteen people dead.

Apple has claimed the FBI's order would compromise security for all its devices, and violate privacy rights.

Myanmar's new president announced

Myanmar has begun the process of choosing its next President nearly three months after the country’s first democratic election in decades.

Htin Kyaw was presented by the winning party, the National League for Democracy, led by political icon Aung San Suu Kyi.

Ms Suu Kyi has spent more than half of her life under house arrest by the ruling military party and is barred from becoming President due to a constitutional clause.