Balkan leaders criticised for locking out refugees, and other 9am Zedlines

Balkan leaders who have closed their borders have been criticised. Source:

Fixed term referendum expected to be close

The result of next weekend’s referendum on fixed terms for State Government is expected to be close with major parties supporting the four-year terms and minor parties against.

Katter MP Shane Knuth says four year fixed-terms is too long for a Parliament with no Upper House.

Mr Knuth says the referendum would be more likely to succeed if it was for fixed three-year terms instead.

Queensland residents will vote on the proposal to introduce the four year fixed-term length in a referendum on March 19.

Mayor says Townsville job losses a tragedy

Townsville’s Mayor has called the loss of the remaining jobs at Queensland Nickel Sales a tragedy for the workers and local community.

Queensland Nickel Sales has told the 550 workers their employment will end at 5:00pm today unless the new management company can secure the required environmental license from the State Government.

The company took over as manager of the refinery after Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel went into voluntary administration.

Mayor Jenny Hill says she doesn’t know what will happen next but has been assured the workers will be payed till the end of their shift.

Bess Price: Govt must commit to indigenous housing funding before election

The Federal Government is being called upon to commit to funding the next round of Indigenous housing before the next election.

Northern Territory Housing Minister Bess Price wants both sides of federal politics to make clear how much they are prepared to fund.

Ms Price says she plans to lobby the government with her other state counterparts that also have poor Indigenous housing standards.

Community to rally behind Islamic school after funding cut

The organisation representing young Muslims in Canberra says the community will rescue the city’s Islamic school following the announcement of a one million dollar cut in public funding.

The federal and ACT government revoked the school’s funding following a review that found evidence of financial mismanagement and poor governance.

The school has 200 students and funding will be cut from April 8.

Balkan leaders criticised for locking out refugees

German and Greek leaders have criticised Balkan countries for shutting their borders to asylum seekers.

Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras (Zipras) has warned the EU has no future if policies like that continue.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel says the closures are not sustainable for tackling the migrant influx.

The comments comes as leaders prepare together for an European Union ministers meeting to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Iran to retain missile program

A senior Iranian commander says the country’s ballistic-missile program will never stop under any circumstances.

Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh (Ha-she-zar-deh) has told state television Tehran has missiles ready to be fired.

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps test fired several ballistic missiles on Tuesday and Wednesday.