Schools flock to sign on to Safe Schools, and more 11am Zedlines

32 more schools have joined the Safe Schools program since the federal government announced its investigation. Source: - Sam T

Miller denies "malicious" resignation ultimatum rumour

Former Queensland Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller has denied rumours that she had given the government an ultimatum she would leave the Labor Party if she is not returned to the cabinet within 48 hours.

Ms Miller described the story, which was originally published in the Queensland Times, as a “malicious rumour” that should be ignored.

Ms Miller, who was sacked from the Police Minister position in December, has vowed to continue following the party line despite her unhappiness with the Labor Party and the Palaszczuk Cabinet.

If she does decide to join the crossbench, it would prove dangerous for the Labor government following the resignation of Cairns MP Rob Pyne.

Barrett Centre inquiry hears of mismanagement

An Inquiry has heard evidence that the process of closure of a Queensland mental health facility had been mismanaged, with patients receiving less than adequate aftercare.

The Barrett Adolescent Centre was closed in January 2014, following funding cuts.

The proposed development of a replacement centre in Redlands has now been shelved due to a budgetary overspend of $1.4 million.

A 2012 cabinet briefing document has been cited as suggesting the money should be used to cover spending shortfall in other areas.

Schools flock to Safe Schools following review announcement

Thirty two new schools have signed up for the Safe Schools program since the Turnbull government announced a review into it, bringing the number of participating schools to 526.

A spokeswoman for the program said only one school had withdrawn from the program, which aims to eliminate homophobia and transphobia in schools.

The government review is due to be released in coming weeks.

Al-Shabab leader denies own death in video

A senior Al-Shabab leader has appeared in public to deny claims he and another group leader will killed in US airstrikes in Somalia last week.

Washington announced on Monday it had carried out several strikes in the region killing more than 150 of the al-Qaeda linked group’s fighters.

Mohamed Mire (Mi-reh) was thought to be among those killed, however his appearance in a village proves otherwise. ,

Syrians protest for humanitarian aid

Residents of rebel held Darayya in Syria have been involved in a protest urging the United Nations to bring much needed humanitarian aid to the region.

The protesters included women and children in an effort to show the town is still occupied by non-combatants, despite the claims of the Bashar al-Assad regime.

The children involved in the protest used their own bodies to form the international distress signal ‘SOS’ while banners flew with pleas aimed directly at UN officials.