Highlighting Canberra's homeless and more 10am Zedlines

Two of ACT’s advocacy bodies have used Canberra Day as a platform to raise awareness about high rates of homelessness and disadvantage in the territory. (Source: Flickr)

Mid-year boost to Queensland infrastructure

A 500 million dollar injection into the Queensland infrastructure fund will see seven major road and rail projects across the state in the coming years.

Areas from Ipswich to Townsville and in between will receive upgrades to railways and roads, and will boost jobs in those areas, the Deputy Premier and Infrastructure Minister Jackie Trad says.

Trad says the upgrades are projected to begin mid-year, and will mean greater economic growth around key areas of Queensland’s economy.

Quirk confident ahead of vote

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s thirty-one year local government tenure is on a knife-edge according to a new poll commissioned by NewsCorp.

Support for LNP incumbent Quirk has plummeted to just 42 per cent, with more than a third of undecided voters saying they were favouring Labor Rival Rod Harding, according to the latest news poll.

With only five days until Brisbane residents cast their vote, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says he is not worried and has confidence in plans he calls reliable and substantial.

Highlighting Canberra's homeless

Two of ACT’s advocacy bodies have used Canberra Day as a platform to raise awareness about high rates of homelessness and disadvantage in the territory.

Director of the ACT Council of Social Service Susan Helyar said the issue of homelessness in the ACT often slipped under the radar, possibly due to an external perception of high affluence in the nation’s capital.

The Canberra Day campaign is part of an initiative run by the two agencies called My Vote For Housing, which aims to bring homelessness to the front of the agenda for the ACT election in October.

Synthetic drugs new addition to NSW ban list

Three new synthetic drugs marketed as bath salts and herbal teas have been added to New South Wales’ ban list, placing them in the most serious illicit drug category alongside ice, heroin and cocaine.

Attorney General Gabrielle Upton said people should not be fooled by the synthetic tag, stating the drugs have proven to be deadly interstate and overseas.

Earlier this year a seventeen year old boy died after taking what was believed to be a synthetic form of cannabis, police are urging to warn young Australian’s not to experiment with synthetic drugs, saying it was a gamble with their own life.

Campaigning against colourism

The latest viral hashtag is the movement behind a campaign against colourism and the need for solidarity between dark-skinned people all over the world.

The hashtag UnfairAndLovely is aiming at highlighting the marginalisation and discriminatory beauty standards dark-skinned women experience in countries where fair skin is favoured.

The campaign stemmed from a photo shoot by Pax Jones, a student at the University of Texas, who shot a series of images showing the impact of colorism on herself and two other Sri Lankan students.

FBI revises privacy rules

U.S officials have confirmed the F.B.I revised its privacy rules regarding international communication that is currently collected by the National Security Agency.

According to a 2014 watchdog report the F.B.I are currently allowed direct access to N.S.A’s collection of international emails, texts and phonecalls in which Americans are on one end of the line known as section 702.

As of 2014 the F.B.I can search through data with queries that can be unrelated to national security.