ANU academics urge further divestment from resource industry and more 11am Zedlines

ANU academics urge further divestment from resource industry Youth unemployment rate highest in rural Queensland Political Activist detained in Bahrain and more 11am Zedlines (Image source: Wikimedia)


Youth unemployment rate highest in rural Queensland

Young people in outback Queensland are least likely to find employment, with the latest Brotherhood of St Laurence report showing increasing difficulty for youths seeking work.

Recent jobless data highlights outback Queensland as the worst area in the country with a youth unemployment rate of over 28%, more than 6% higher than Hunter Valley, who follows Queensland at 21.8%

The executive director Tony Nicholson notes the national rate of youth unemployment is lower overall than in its peak in 2014, but it remains very difficult for young people to gain employment in these rural areas.

Redland Councilor says his re-election chance has fallen

REDLAND City Councillor Paul Gleeson has admitted he feels his chance of re-election on March 19 has fallen in the past two months.

The independent councillor says his campaign had been out-funded and outmanned by Jesse McNamara, a member of the Australian Labor Party who is standing as an independent.

Counsellor Gleeson says his opponent can’t possibly represent his division when he does not live in the catchment zone.

Mr McNamara says his campaign is self funded and independent of the Labor Party but did not defend living outside the electorate.

ANU academics urge further divestment from resource industry

More than 400 academics and staff from the Australian National University have called upon their vice-chancellor to pull out of all remaining fossil fuel investments in a massive open letter.

In 2014, ANU divested more than $16million from the resource industry, but more than $45million of university funds remain invested in fossil fuel linked companies.

The initial divestment attracted a wave of criticism from the mainstream media and politicians, with then-Treasurer Joe Hockey describing the move as out of touch with the Australian economy.

Dick Smith new owners turn to online business

Rusland Kogan has bought out Dick Smith’s online business, in an effort to save the legacy of the Australian brand.

Dick Smith was put into liquidation in January, and has failed to find a buyer for their Australian and New Zealand stores, resulting in the closing down of all stores.

Kogan’s acquisition will move the store to an online only model, and also includes the brand and trademark, the online business, customer and loyalty databases, websites, and domain names.


South China Sea disputes stirs up trouble in Vietnam

Disputes over territory in the South China Sea continue to disrupt diplomatic relations in the region, as more than 150 people marched in the Vietnamese capital to denounce China’s growing assertiveness.

Police made no attempt to halt the protest in an unusual move for a state which is both a close ally of China’s and famed for cracking down on dissent.

Australia’s Defense Minister Marise Payne is set to hold talks with Malaysia, Vietnam and the Phillipines, all of whom lay claim to the area.

Political Activist detained in Bahrain

Bahraini Police have detained a political activist and her infant son on the fifth anniversary of a crackdown against Arab Springs protesters.

The detention of Zainab al-Khawaja, who’s father is serving a life sentence over the 2011 demonstrations, came after authorities deported Lebanese citizens due to alleged ties to militant group Hezbollah.

Police raided al-Khawaja’s home, taking her and her son to the local station, she faces 3 years of prison on a number of charges, including treason.

Her arrest follows youth protests in the country’s capital over the weekend.