Canadian Man receives Valentine's message from Prime Minister, and more 10am Zedlines

Crime Stoppers launches 'dob in a dealer', Scientist declares war on climate change lost, and Canadian man receives Valentine’s message from Prime Minister, and more 10 am Zedlines (Image source: flickr)

Severe bleaching of coral reef north of Cairns

Widespread coral bleaching caused by a warming ocean has been detected across the Great Barrier Reef, with the worst areas being Lizard Island, around 250 kilometres north of Cairns.

Ocean bleaching happens when warmer water causes live corals to expel tiny algae which live inside the coral tissues and provides corals with most of their colour and energy.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has increased patrols of reefs by divers in the past week after reports indicated coral bleaching could worsen.

Crime stoppers launched the campaign ‘Dob in a dealer’ in Logan

Logan residents have been asked to report information about those manufacturing ice and other drugs.

Crime stoppers chief Trevor O’ Hara says a new approach needs to be taken to work against drug abuse.

According to Albert & Logan News the number of drug offences increased by almost ten thousand incidents since 2010.

Scientist declares war on climate change lost

Australian scientist, Dr Alan Finkel warns we are in a climate emergency during his appearance on ABC’s Q&A program last night.

Finkel says despite our efforts to combat climate change through solar, wind and changing practices, humanity is losing its battle as temperatures soar.

Finkel’s warning follows confirmation of NASA’s preliminary data reporting February 2015 as the hottest month on record with an increase of 1.53 degrees Celsius on the long term average.

Opposition leader aiming to spearhead labour as defining workplace issues

Bill Shorten’s bid to make sure Labor defines workplace issues in the coming election has him pledging to fight for “full employment” today in a speech at the National Press Club.

The Opposition Leader promises relief for a million underemployed workers and to eliminate wages as low as 6 dollars-an-hour paid by unscrupulous employers.

The Labor leader wants to make his union background a positive, saying he recognises the importance of flexible, adaptive and productive workplaces.

Women defend rights to travel solo

Women across the world are posting photos of themselves on social media under the hashtag Viajasola, the Spanish term for travelling solo, in support of their right to travel alone.

The advocacy on social media follows the sexual assault and murder of two young female Argentinians who were backpacking through Ecuador last month.

The pair, who were travelling unaccompanied when they were attacked by 2 males, have come under intense scrutiny as many try to blame the attacks on the girls for travelling without a male chaperone.

Victim blaming has been met with growing support online for the rights of women to travel independently without the threat of violence.

Canadian man receives Valentine’s message from Prime Minister

A Canadian man, who received a homophobic Valentine’s message from a co-worker last month, has received a belated card from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Degas Sikorski was gifted a book with messages of support from several MPs and Cabinet Ministers, as well as a personalised card from Mr Trudeau himself.

Mr Trudeau says to know friends outnumber haters, and to consider himself as one of these friends.

Mr Sikorski says it’s amazing to know that he has their support.