QUT to hold forum on Indigenous IP rights and more 8am Zedlines

The Queensland University of Technology are hosting a forum this morning to discuss the protecting the intellectual property of indigenous Australians.

QUT to hold forum on Indigenous IP rights

The Queensland University of Technology are hosting a forum this morning to  discuss the protecting the intellectual property of indigenous Australians.

Professor of IP and Innovation Matthew Rimmer says there is a long history of misappropriation of indigenous intellectual property in Australia and around the world.

Professor Rimmer says David Unaipon, whose image appears on the $50 note, was an Indigenous storyteller, inventor, and activist who experienced early battles over misappropriation of his creations

The forum gets underway at 9am this morning at QUT's gardens point campus.

Shorncliffe Pier set to reopen

After a 20 million dollar refurbishment, the Shorncliffe Pier is set to reopen this Good Friday to kick off Queensland’s biggest Easter sporting event, the ‘Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race.’

The reopening will take place at 9:30am and will officially be reopened by Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, with the event to start at 11:00am.

This will be the 68th Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race to take place, and is a part of the Bluewater Festival.

There will be rides, market stalls and live entertainment as a part of the Bluewater Festival this Friday.


Uluru shining under a field of lights.

Fifteen tonnes of solar powered LED lights will surround Ayers Rock on April 1. Bruce Munro, the British artist responsible for the installation, had displayed similar projects  previously at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, across the UK, the United States and Mexico.

Mr Munro says he has always dreamed about covering the desert around Uluru with a field of lights.

The exhibition will be in place until March 31, 2017.


Questions rased about importance of research into heath impact of wind turbines.

An Australian research council spent 3.3 Million dollars on researching the impact of wind turbines on human health as there was no prior evidence of negative effects caused by turbine noise.

Professor Anne Kelso, the chief executive of the National Health and Medical Research Council points out the importance to support research on this issue as there hasn’t been one of high quality.

Andrew Bray, the Australian Wind Alliance’s national co-ordinator doesn’t support the research and says the grants were a waste of time, because it’s not certain turbines noise is a harmful impact on human’s health.


Multiple explosions killed several people at Brussels airport.

More than 30 people have been killed after numerous explosions at Brussels airport and a metro station near the EU parliament. Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attacks in the Belgian capital, as local law enforcement continue the hunt for a suspect seen fleeing the terminal.

According to the Belga news agency, shots were fired beforehand the explosions andover 25 people have been injured.

The airport was evacuated immediately and all flights in and out of Brussels airport have been cancelled.


Third closest comet flies by.

The third closest comet to ever pass the Earth has zipped past us at 1:30am this morning.

The comet P/2016 BA14 flew past the Earth at a distance of 3.5km, the closest distance since 1983.

NASA says that the comet is the closest to fly past for at least the next one hundred and fifty years.

They say the comet is not a threat but an excellent opportunity for scientific advancement.

There is also the chance of a weak meteor shower as Earth crosses the comet’s orbit on March 28.