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SA premier Jay Weatherill warns Turnbull of backlash from states (source: commons.wikimedia)

Beach safety campaign reduces surf rescues

The Gold Coast has seen a significant drop in the amount of rescues made by local surf lifesaving clubs after a series of educational campaigns.

Surf Lifesaving have documented an almost 20 per cent decrease in rescues this year after an awareness campaign showing the importance of staying between the flags.

The campaign targets tourists, backpacker students and multicultural groups, with stations set up at airports and hostels.


Proposed development a threat to Brisbane waterway

A Brisbane waterway may be under serious threat from a proposed townhouse development south of the city.

The Stretton development will convert Bulimba Creek to a concrete channel to build 16 townhouses.

Bulimba Creek Catchment Committee Manager Wayne Cameron said turning creeks into concrete channels has been widely discredited as a safe practice.


16-year-old girl charged for financing terrorism

A Year 12 student charged with sending thousands of dollars to the Islamic State has been denied bail in a Sydney children's court.

The teenager appeared in Parramatta Children's Court after she and a suspected member of a Sydney terrorist cell, 20-year-old Milad Atai, were charged with financing terrorism.

The pair were arrested on Tuesday morning, after Atai allegedly handed the girl $5,000 in cash.

Prosecutors claimed she was planning to ask an older woman to send the money to her relative, alleged terrorist Ahmed Merhi.


Corporate tax cuts unpopular with public

New polling data shows voters do not want the government’s corporate tax cuts.

Just 3 per cent of voters rate tax cuts to companies as the highest priority for the upcoming May budget, despite signs the Coalition government is favouring that option over personal income tax cuts.

South Australian premier, Jay Weatherill, warned Mr Turnbull of backlash from the states if he does offer tax cuts to companies and does not reverse the Abbott government funding cuts to hospitals and schools.   


Thousands protest outside Australian embassy in East Timor

More than ten thousand people protested outside the Australian embassy in East Timor, demanding a permanent maritime border in the Timor Sea.

Organisers of the protest said that Australia’s withdrawal from the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea has cost Timor $6.5 billion in oil and gas revenue.

Australia offered to hold bilateral talks, however declined East Timor’s request to specifically discuss the maritime boundary.


U.S. arrests Turkish gold trader

A Turkish gold trader was arrested in Miami, Florida on Tuesday for breaking US sanctions against Iran.

Reza Zarrab, 33-years-old, was accused of bribing Turkish government ministers to help him sell Iranian oil on the international market in 2013.

The US prosecutor assigned to the case was bombarded with social media support from Turkey where regular media outlets were shut down for criticising government corruption.