Labor urges government to reconsider CSIRO job cuts and more 8AM Zedlines

Labor has pledged to investigate the organisation if elected (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Weekend penalty rates to increase hours for casual staff

Merging weekend penalty rates will give Queensland businesses an incentive to stay open longer and increase employment hours for staff, according to a new report.

The proposed merge, recommended by the Productivity Commission, faced criticism from casual hospitality and retail worker unions.

The Save Our Weekend group said penalty rate cuts could lead to lower wages for retail workers.

However, Chamber of Commerce and Industry representative Nick Behrens said more working hours will see overall income rise.


Voter apathy on the rise in Queensland local elections

More than thirty thousand votes were disregarded in the local government election due to lack of voter interest.

Results show 4.1% of the ballots in the southeast region were labeled informal, with more than 10% in some council areas.

QUT politics professor Clive Bean said voters do not give local government elections the same enthusiasm as federal elections despite being the level of government closest to the masses.


Report calls for more transparent political travel expenditures

Politicians should be required to justify their travel expenses under a new parliamentary entitlements review.

A new report has been released requiring politicians to assess whether their work expenditure represents an efficient, effective, and ethical use of public resources.

The report was sparked after speaker Bronwyn Bishop made headlines last year when it was revealed she used over $5000 in taxpayer’s money to charter a helicopter to a liberal fundraiser.


Labor urges government to reconsider CSIRO job cuts

Labor has urged the government stop the CSIRO from axing 350 science jobs, and has pledged to investigate the organisation if it wins power.

A Senate inquiry has heard the cuts took the CSIRO's research partners by surprise, and were expected to significantly affect joint national research projects in climate monitoring and modelling.

Senator Kim Carr said the cuts have been handled poorly, and should be put on hold until after the federal poll.


More information on Brussels terrorist attacks

The death toll from the terrorist attack in Brussels has been confirmed at 34 with an additional 270 wounded.

Two of the suicide bombers, identified by their fingerprints, were brothers, born in Brussels.

A taxi driver recognised a picture of the bombers and led police to an apartment containing 15 kilograms of explosives and bomb making equipment.

One of the surviving brothers is believed to still be on the run.


Ceasefire in Yemen as UN declares ‘humanitarian catastrophe’

Yemen's warring parties have agreed to an April 10 ceasefire in an attempt to end the nation's year-long conflict.

UN special envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said it was the last chance to end the war before it permanently damages the region's future.

More than six thousand people have lost their lives, with millions now facing what the UN described as a humanitarian catastrophe.