Pope Francis visits a refugee centre outside of Rome and more 11am Zedlines

Pope Francis washes and kisses the feet of refugees in Rome (Source: Flickr)

Greens claim Brisbane council seats

Queensland Environment Minister Steven Miles isn’t worried about the rising threat from the Greens after the party claimed a seat on Brisbane's council. The minister says if labor govern well and deliver on their promises, then they can win seats in regional Queensland as well as the inner-city and urban areas. Jonathan Sri will be sworn in as Queensland's first Greens councillor following last weekends elections.

Researchers say it may be 'too late' to stop coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef

Researchers say that it may be too late for the Great Barrier Reef due to coral bleaching. Professor Justin Marshall from the University of Queensland's CoralWatch team says almost all of the coral in a 500 kilometer stretch of the reef was bleached and about half of that coral was dead due to the bleaching. Coral bleaching is a side effect of man made climate change which Professor Marshall believes there may be no coming back from.

Defence Force Chief promises to investigate jet fuel poisoning harming veterans

The Chief of Defence Force has promised to investigate a large number of veterans who have been exposed to potentially lethal jet fuel. The veterans are requesting compensation as their deteriorating health conditions have been largely ignored. Veterans believe the jet fuel contains harmful substances that can cause blood cancer, skin conditions, and other illnesses.

Reasons behind gender pay gap in Australia remains unexplained

A large proportion of the gender pay gap in Australia remains unexplained, according to Researchers from Glassdoor Economic Research in the US . Glassdoor chief economist, Dr Andrew Chamberlain, says the gender pay gap is real, and overt workplace discrimination is not the primary cause of this unexplained pay gap. Rather, the sorting of men and women into different occupations as a result of complex social pressures is emerging as one of the main factors behind the gender pay gap. Dr Chamberlain points to the need for policy solutions to address subtle causes of gender pay gap.

Pope Francis visits a refugee centre outside of Rome

Pope Francis has visited a refugee centre outside of Rome as part of the traditional Easter week foot-washing ceremony. Francis washed and kissed the feet of Muslim, Orthodox, Hindu and Catholic refugees as a gesture of welcome. Four women and eight men from the refugee centre participated in this Holy Thursday ritual.

Six people arrested in Belgian police anti-terror raids

Following the Belgian terror attacks two days ago, six people have been arrested in police anti-terror raids. The boroughs in the north, west, and centre of Brussels have been targeted. Investigations are still ongoing.

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