North Queensland coral bleaching worst in 30 years and more 10am Zedlines

Coral bleaching in Far North Queensland is at peak levels. (Source: Flickr)

Funds for Environmental Defenders Office first in two years

For the first time in nearly two years North Queenslanders will have free access to legal advice for Environmental planning with funding allocated to the Environmental Defenders Office.

After surviving on community good will and volunteer efforts, the legal centre has now been able to hire a principal solicitor and a coordinator on a part time basis.

Newly appointed principal solicitor Tania Heber believes that this opportunity will help in protecting important ecosystems when dealing with local and regional environmental planning issues.

North Queensland Coral bleaching worst in 30 years

Coral bleaching in Far North Queensland is at peak levels.

Professor Justin Marshall a marine biologist at the University of Queensland says the most recent incidence is the worst recorded in 30 years.

While concerns are held for major coral growths such as the Great Barrier Reef it is important places such as Lizard Island are also monitored and spoken for.

Raw milk producers push for legislative change

Raw milk producers are renewing efforts to have sales legalised.

It is currently illegal to sell unpasteurised milk in Australia with regulators saying it is more likely to contain bacteria such as e.coli or salmonella and poses health risks to children, a case strengthened by the death of child in 2014 who consumed raw milk marketed as bath milk.

Raw milk producers this year set up a cooperative to push political parties for legislative change.

Calls to back political donation reform

Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon, is calling for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to back far reaching political donation reform before the next election.

Senator Rhiannon says the reforms must accompany strict limits on election expenditure and corporate and individual donations.

The call comes amid reports of potentially illegal donations being made to the NSW Liberal Party.

Salvage operation for cargo ship grounded of Taiwan

Taiwan has launched a salvage operation to drain the tank of a grounded cargo vessel leaking oil off the coast of Northern Taiwan.

Environmental officials boarded the ship on Sunday to evaluate the conditions for the salvage operation in efforts to minimise environmental pollution.

According the Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration, about 240 tonnes of fuel oil and 30 tonnes of lubricating oil remain on the ship.

Microsoft removes experimental Chat-box

Microsoft has removed its online experimental Chat-box after it tweeted support for genocide and denied the holocaust.

The Chat-box, called Tay, started writing the statements - HITLER WAS RIGHT and I BLANK FEMINISTS - less than 24 hours after being uploaded online.

Tay is designed to learn from what human users tell her, and its personality is based on data collected modeling the average American teenage girl.