Renaming Sydney spaces in their own language and more 11am Zedlines

Historic buildings and wetlands in Sydney are being renamed, in a move to bring back local indigenous language. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

TransLink to swap student concession card for online system

TransLink will drop concession Go Cards for tertiary students.

Under new changes commencing April 1 students will have to buy an adult card and apply for the lower fare online, and will also lose the ability to buy paper concession tickets.

TransLink will provide more information about the new changes in the coming days.

Barramundi boost for North Queensland

Barramundi numbers are on the rise in North Queensland as juvenile populations migrate.

Babies are thought to be migrating north due to recent rain and improved fishways.

Ecologists have recorded fish as small as 43 millimetres making the move, with more than 4,000 fish recorded in a mere two days moving up the fishway into wetlands.

Renaming Sydney spaces in their own language

Historic buildings and wetlands in Sydney are being renamed, in a move to bring back local Indigenous language.

Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, says renaming the buildings in Sydney Square and Wetlands in Sydney Park will help the Gadigal People maintain their language and hopefully, extend its use.

The list of selected names can now be found on the City of Sydney’s website.

New drugs could bring end to Hepatitis C

Australia’s top health experts say there is a realistic chance Hepatitis C will be eliminated in a few years due to new public subsidies of powerful drugs.

The direct-acting antiviral drugs have been subsidised on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme since March 1, and are more effective with less side effects than previous treatments.

Despite the new drugs experts warn the stigma of having Hepatitis C will still need to be overcome due to its perceived links with drug use.

Syrian Government retakes Palmyra

Syrian Government forces have recaptured the ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State forces after days of intense fighting.

State media has quoted a military source as saying the army and allied militias had taken complete control over the city.

Focus of the Syrian army now turns to dismantling booby trap bombs in some of the city’s neighbourhoods.

Cooperation in Myanmar to end military rule

Myanmar’s army chief has promised cooperation from the armed forces as the country readies to transition from five decades of direct and indirect military rule.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s civilian government will take office on Wednesday after her National League for Democracy Party won the historic general election held last November.

The NLD will take power in the face of years of chronic underinvestment, corruption, and insurgencies by ethnic minority rebels, in a political system where the military’s influence is still likely to be felt.