Expedition for Bona Vista and Jenny Lind shipwrecks begin and more Zedlines

A team of 11 scientists have departed from Bundaberg in search of a number of famous shipwrecks in the Coral Sea. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

The group will travel 500km off the East Coast to Kenn’s reef in search of wreckage from ships known to have gone down in the area during the 19th century.

The main item of desire is the Bona Vista which was lost in 1828.

Wheelie bin used to trap crocodile metres from playground in North Queensland

North Queenslanders have used a wheelie bin to trap a 1.5 metre saltwater crocodile just metres from a children’s playground south of Cairns.
Locals discovered the croc at a Bramston Beach caravan park opposite the playground and captured it in the wheelie bin where they held the animal until authorities arrived.

A Department of Environment spokesman says the event is not unusual with heavy rain in the region, and the croc will simply be relocated.

Report finds women and indigenous workers uneaqually paid in ACT public service

The annual ACT State of the Service Report has found that female public servants continue to be paid less than their male counterparts, despite accounting for more than two thirds of the work force.

Female public servants took home an average $3,200 less than men despite the pay gap sitting a small 3.6% in comparison to the 16.2% national average.

The report also revealed alarming figures in relation to the pay of indigenous staff who on average pocketed over $9000 less than public servants, despite a steady growth in the number of aboriginal workers.

South Australia continues ban on sell of catch from recreational fishing

Recreational fishers will continue to be unable to sell their catch after the idea was rejected by industry heads.

University of Tasmania PhD Student Emma Lee told ABC News that she believed it would create a revenue boost in coastal areas while also reducing illegal sales.

However, RecFish South Australia Executive Director David Ciaravolo believes it would be against the spirit of the lifestyle.

Trump prepares commission into link between autism and vaccines

Vaccine skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr says he was approached to chair a commission under President Elect Donald Trump, a claim Trump’s team have denied.

However, a spokeswoman has instead suggested the administration may create a commission designed to understand the relationship between vaccines and autism.

Mr Kennedy, the nephew of late President John F Kennedy, states that he is pro-vaccine despite launching the World Mercury Project, a group backed by those opposing vaccinations.

Autism has been linked to vaccinations regularly in recent years with numerous studies proving that there is no relationship.

Eight people dead amid snowstorms in Balkans

Eight people have died and thousands left stranded in remote regions without heating as the Balkans continues to face a mid-winter freeze and snowstorms.

Temperatures have plummeted to negative twenty degrees celsius and a state of emergency has been declared in 11 regions.

Authorities in Albania have taken in several hundred homeless to heated shelters as the snowstorms continue.