Sussan Ley is refusing to explain travel records and more Zedlines

Health Minister Sussan Ley is refusing to explain why she spent $13 000 taxpayer dollars to pilot private charter planes when she could have used commercial airlines. (image source: wikimedia)

Travel records revealed yesterday that Ms Ley was conducting ministerial business when she chartered plans for childcare policy meetings in 2014, and talks with GPs in 2015.

Ministerial guidelines say charters may only be piloted under special circumstances such as an absence of commercial services or significant delays.
Ms Ley is yet to announce whether her travel arrangements meet these criteria.
Queensland set for week of extremes

Queensland is set for a week of extreme weather with heatwaves and possible flash flooding affecting parts of the state.

Temperatures in South-West Queensland are expected to reach 40 degrees while parts of North Queensland have received over 300 millimetres of rain since Monday morning.

Meteorologist Julian De Morton says Friday will be the most uncomfortable day of the week with morning temperatures set to exceed 30 degrees.

Banana Boat's sunscreen under fire

Two women from Brisbane and Melbourne are the latest to join a list of people concerned with the use of Banana Boat sunscreen.

Melbourne’s Briar Houston says her legs became so blistered and burnt after using Banana Boat’s SPF 50 product that she could barely walk.

Two Brisbane mothers have also complained about separate similar incidents where their children were severely burnt despite administering the product.

Banana Boat Marketing Director Rachel Pullicino says the company take customer complaints very seriously but have to date found no issues with their products.

Victoria announce $5 million homeless housing project

A Victorian not-for-profit agency has struck a deal with VicRoads to provide accommodation for some of the state’s homeless people.

Community organisation Launch Housing will place 57 one-bedroom portable town houses on vacant land in Footscray and Maidstone.

The agency’s Chief Executive Officer Heather Holt says the buildings can be relocated should VicRoads require the land back, making the housing project convenient and cost-effective.

The $5 million project will be funded mostly by businessmen brothers Brad and Geoff Harris.

United Arab Emirates diplomats wounded in bomb blast in Afghanistan

A bomb blast in southern Afghanistan has killed seven people and wounded several key diplomats from the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE’s ambassador to Afghanistan was wounded in the blast in the city of Kandahar on Tuesday.

The attack happened during a visit from embassy diplomats who were expected to announce a number of aid-based projects in the war-torn region.

No immediate claim for responsibility has been made.

Russia proposes ban on cigarettes to anyone born after 2015

The Russian Health Ministry has unveiled a proposal to ban the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after 2015.

The radical move would pioneer Russia in taking the most stringent stance against tobacco to date.

Member of Russian parliament’s health committee, Nikolai Gerasimenko, says their goal is ‘absolutely ideologically correct’.

However, the ministry fears that possible cons equent increases in fake tobacco sold on the black market would have even greater detrimental effects on their society.