Islamophobic statements can harm trade deals and more Zedlines

Barnaby Joyce has warned against using anti-Muslim statements, as it can harm trade deals with Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. (Image source: Wikimedia)

The National Party leader said as agriculture minister he had to deal with a number of Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, importing tonnes of Australian wheat and cattle.

He is concerned the anti-Islamic statements and interference by One Nation will cause the government to have problems in trade.


Catholic church sheds light on sex abuse claims

The Catholic Church has revealed the number of child abuse claims at each of their schools and homes.

The church identified 28 institutions with more than 20 sexual abuse accusations against its staff. The highest number of claims came from BoysTown in Beaudesert Queensland, where 219 claims have been levelled at the Catholic Church employees.

This information is part of a larger data set investigating the extent of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church.


Aurukun Private school overfunded by staff mistakes

Misunderstandings and staff mistakes have lead to a school being overpaid by 815,000 dollars, a report has found.

The report found the Indigenous Aurukun primary school routinely overstated enrolment figures because of poor record keeping and a misinterpretation of policy.

Acting auditor general Anthony Close said there was no evidence of “financial impropriety”.

Mr Close also says the Department of Education had not provided enough financial guidance in its partnership with the school.


Heatwaves pave way for price hike

Heatwaves from around the country this summer are expected to have an impact on primary industries.

Fruit wholesaler Neville Beeston said the heatwaves have been responsible for some of the worst quality produce he has seen in 50 years, advising customers to buy fruit and vegetables in smaller installments, more often.

However, strawberry grower Simon Boettiger says it is unlikely the loss of production would increase the price of fruit, unless Victorian growing regions have also been affected by the extreme heat.


ISIS claims responsibility for attack in Pakistan

ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack that has killed more than 70 people in southern Pakistan.

The attack was committed by a suicide bomber at the shrine of a Sufi saint, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, injuring in excess of 150 people.

The attack is the deadliest in Pakistan this year and the latest being alleged to target followers of Sufism, a generally moderate form of Islam vehemently opposed by radical fundamentalists.


UN crack down on Syrian war crimes

A new UN unit is being set up in Geneva to prepare prosecutions of war crimes committed in Syria.

UN officials said the unit will focus primarily on war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, and identifying those responsible.

Whilst the UN is unable to prosecute, their files can be used in future prosecutions by states or by the international criminal court in The Hague.

The move has been welcomed by legal experts and activists, with Jeremie Smith, of the Cairo Institute of Human Rights Studies saying, “this is the only way to make sure criminals don’t get away by fleeing the scene of the crime.