New continent found off Australian coast and more Zedlines..

Scientists claim to have discovered a new continent off the coast of Australia, dubbed “Zealandia”. (Image source: wikimedia)

 A study for the Geological Society of America referred to the land mass as ‘earth’s hidden continent’ as while it is 4.9 million square kilometres in size, 94 per cent of it is under water.

New satellite technology and gravity maps of the sea floor have revealed Zealandia as a large unified area fulfilling all requirements for continent status.

There would be various implications if a new continent were to be introduced, particularly in defining what belongs to Australia and New Zealand.


Campaigners concerned abortion rights bill will be opposed

A Brisbane activist is worried an abortion rights private members bill, which would help move abortion from the criminal code to the Health Act, will not pass the committee stage.

Abortion rights campaigner, Anna McCormack said the opposition to women’s rights comes from very powerful vested interests, such as the Catholic Church, who want to control the lives and bodies of women.

Under law enacted in 1899, most abortions in Queensland are still unlawful, except in the case where the women’s health is at stake.


QLD speaker Peter Wellington to retire

Queensland Parliament speaker Peter Wellington announced his retirement from Queensland politics.

The independent member for Nicklin said he will not contest the next state election and instead spend time with his elderly parents.

Mr Wellington won his seat in 1998 and became the first independent speaker in Queensland parliament.


Australia follows in US footsteps in fight to “crush” ISIS

The federal government may be open to bolstering Australia’s commitment to fighting Islamic State, following remarks by the US saying they wanted to accelerate the campaign to crush the terrorist group.

Defence Minister Marise Payne said no particular demands have been made by the US, but she pledged to consider any new requests on its merits.

Ms Payne met US Defence Secretary James Mattis, declaring the Australia New Zealand US alliance was in safe hands, despite the recent fiery phone call between the PM and the president.


New 10 dollar note unveiled

The Reserve Bank of Australia unveiled the new design of the $10 note, featuring similar graphics to the new $5 note released last September.

The new note incorporates the same top-to-bottom clear window as the $5 note, a clear patch with a rolling colour effect, and a tactile feature to help members of the vision impaired community.

New security measures have also been added, such as complex holograms, and areas only visible under UV light, to help keep the notes secure from counterfeiting.


52 people killed by ISIS bombing in Baghdad

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a car bomb that has killed at least 52 people in Baghdad, making it the deadliest attack in Iraq this year.

Senior police said emergency services were struggling to cope with the casualties from the attack, the third bomb to hit the city in three days.

The terrorist group’s recent loss of territory throughout the north and west of Iraq have fuelled an increase in attacks.