Katter Party calls for legalised croc hunting and more Zedlines

Bob Katter’s Australian party is gaining support behind their bid to cull crocodile numbers after two suspected crocodile attacks in just two days. Source: Flickr fvanrenterghem

Following the crocodile attack on a teenager in Innisfail on Sunday night, a man was found dead on Monday with injuries consistent with a crocodile attack after he went spearfishing alone on Saturday.

The attacks come just a week after the Palaszczuk government updated its crocodile management strategy detailing minimum intervention to crocodiles outside populated areas.

Tough action needed to save Great Barrier Reef

An analysis of three major bleaching events over the past three decades has confirmed the worst.

Researchers from James Cook University have confirmed last year's mass bleaching event which affected the Great Barrier Reef as well as reefs in Japan and the Caribbean, was one of worst in recent history.

Professor Terry Hughes says tough action on global warming is needed to save the Great Barrier Reef with even the most pristine areas being affected by heat.

Crossbenchers indicate block on 18C reforms

Key Senate crossbenchers have indicated they will block any proposed reforms to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, as the long-running debate is set to end in Canberra later today.

18C currently makes it illegal to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate a person on the basis of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin, however under the proposed reforms, the words offend and insult will be replaced with the word harass as well as other measures.

Ironically, the coalition will be debating to remove protections in the race hate laws on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Fingerprinting to start on Nauru

Australia’s refugee agreement with the US is set to go ahead this week as the US department of homeland security prepare to begin fingerprinting on Nauru.

Despite concerns the US president would not fulfil the deal made with Obama’s administration, it is suspected that around 900 refugees may be eligible for relocation.

Those who have opted for relocation in the US are set to be put through security assessments, further interviews and medical checks before their applications are considered.

Race against rains to save lives in South Sudan

One month after famine was declared in two areas of South Sudan, it’s a race against the upcoming rains to save lives, Oxfam has warned.

The annual rainy season, beginning April to May, will make conditions even more difficult for the people in need of help and the aid agencies trying to reach them.

Flooding makes roads and airstrips impassable, communities sheltering from conflict even more isolated and causes a rise in water-borne diseases.

Oxfam welcomed the Australian Government’s announcement of an additional $20 million for South Sudan and Somalia in February… but continued to urge the international community to be generous because of the scale of the need.

Britain sets date for Brexit to begin

The British Government has set a date next week when it will formally begin its exit from the European Union.

The Brexit process will begin on Wednesday 29th March.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will formally invoke what is known as Article 50 in a short letter to European leaders, then there will be two years of talks.