First International blind tennis competition, and more Zedlines

Five Australians from Melbourne will travel to Spain next month to participate in the first international blind tennis competition. Image source: Pixabay

Maurice Gleeson, president of Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria, said the event is an important milestone for the sport, after previous attempts to cater the sport to blind people was unsustainable.

The sport is played in much the same way as conventional tennis, but with a yellow foam ball that makes it easier for players to hear it, as well as modified rules.


Translink to launch in Toowoomba

Public transport is set to improve in Toowoomba, after the announcement that Translink will launch in June.

The changes will introduce over 1,150 bus services per week, and will see a 30% increase on the current network.

Assistant Minister for Transport, Glenn Butcher said community feedback has been integral to the development of the new network, and commuters will benefit from the improvements including additional peak hour services, increased services to major destinations and for the first time, Sunday services.


Moreton Bay Mayor hiding developer donations

Evidence brought before the Crime and Corruption Commission on Thursday has revealed that Moreton Bay mayor Allan Sutherland has been hiding developer donations from his disclosure statements.

Councillor Sutherland's Electoral Commission of Queensland disclosure forms showed he received almost $120,000 in campaign contributions from the Moreton Futures Trust.

However, the Commission has heard that donors were allegedly instructed to fund Sutherland’s election through a third party, meaning they did not appear on the mayor's ECQ disclosure forms.

Morton Futures Trust trustee, Kirby Leeke, told the Commission on Thursday those donations were then used to pay Councillor Sutherland's campaign costs at the request of Gayle Sutherland, the mayor's wife.


Private medical letters found dumped in garbage bin

Over 1,000 medical letters have been found stuffed into an apartment block garbage bin in Sydney, with concerns that over 700 public patients have had their privacy breached.

NSW Health is investigating the incident involving a sub-contractor for a company, tasked with transcribing medical letters sent from specialists to general practitioners.

The incident has prompted Health Minister Brad Hazzard to launch an external review into the transcription services across all public health facilities in NSW.


Australian park rangers helping maintain Kokoda Track

National park rangers from Australia are helping to assist with the maintenance of the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea.

The trail is susceptible to erosion and damage from the countless people that trek it each year, with the rangers joining the Kokoda Track Authority and the local community in improving the maintenance of the track.

The rangers will look at ways to keep water off the track, as well as possible places to put steps and showing the villagers some of the techniques used to help prevent the track from erosion.


When in doubt, just blame your provider

Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has expressed fresh claims that a mobile company is to blame for the recent protests.

The President has ordered an investigation into the network provider, Movistar, alleging millions of texts were sent by the company, and funded by the opposition to the leftist Government.

Maduro said in a televised address to the nation that he believed Movistar were paid over $100 million dollars to aid in the organisation of what the President believes to be an incoming coup against the country.