Barnaby backs coal but research figures don’t and more Zedlines...

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says coal must remain a part of Australia’s energy mix, and does not rule out the Turnbull government funding a new power plant.

The Nationals leader says if coal is phased out, TVs should go dark, and lights should go out.

But a report released last Thursday by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that Coal market could collapse as early as 2040, while solar and wind are predicted to dominate.


Safety of Queensland Hospitals

The Health Minister reassures that Queensland hospitals are safe after the publication of a surgical deaths report.

The Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick has assured Queensland residents of the safety of the state’s hospital after a report found more than 70 per cent of surgical deaths could have been prevented.

The report found that 72 per cent of the 7613 surgical patient deaths between July 2007 and June 2016 were considered preventable.

Mr. Dick explained that Queensland’s should remain assured of the quality and safe medical practise and believes that the Queensland medicine society has a strong regime in place – though encourages that this could always become even stronger.



Investment into Space-Based Defence

The Turnbull Government has announced a $500 Million investment into improvement of space-based intellegence and surveillance, to provide information to government agencies.

The information will be used to support Australia’s defence priorities including defence operations, border protection and humanitarian missions.

Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne says the investment will immediately create 22 new jobs across Australia and will create many others as the project matures.  

Success in Moreton Bay Region Program

The Moreton Region have achieved outstanding success  with around 20 new innovative businesses forming and graduating in the space of 12 months due to the Queensland funded training and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs. 

Regional Development Australia was successful in obtaining 23 thousand in support through the Advance Queensland Startup Events in July 2016.

 Member for Murrumba Chris Whiting said “What we want to achieve in Moreton Bay Region is a self-sustaining startup community that can champion innovation and provide inspiration to the wider business community.”

The entrepreneurs have ensured the coursework is practical, flexible, fun and responsive to the needs of the different participants, ranging from app developers to health service providers.



Nationwide mourning after Portuguese Fire

The Portuguese government is declaring three days of national mourning, following the deaths of at least 62 people in one of the country’s worst forest fires in decades.

Portugal’s secretary of state for internal affairs said most people were burned to death in their cars when they found themselves trapped between flames on the road.

About 1,700 firefighters and 160 vehicles were dispatched late on Saturday to deal with roughly 60 forest fires, some of which are still continuing to burn.


Iranian terror attacks

Iran has launched missile strikes targeting “terrorists” in the Islamic State-controlled Syrian town of Deir ez-zour (Dayr-az-zur).

The strikes were a retaliation for the attack on the Iranian parliament last week which fatally killed 18 people, most of whom were civilians.

This is the first time Revolutionary Guards have admitted to conducting terror strikes from inside Iranian territory – despite their ongoing dispute with Syria and Iraq.

Last Wednesday’s suicide bombings and gun attacks by five attackers on a building adjacent to the Iranian parliament were the first terrorist attacks claimed by Isis in Iran.