NASA Discovers 10 Habitable Planets

NASA’s Kepler telescope has found at least 10 planets outside our solar system that could be habitable.

After four years of searching, the planet-hunting device has found a number of earth-sized planets that are the right temperature to harbor life.

But the telescope has only searched one-percent of the known solar system, providing hope to experts that there is life on other planets.

New Guards for Commonwealth Games

The Palaszczuk Government will pay $2 million to train 1,000 new security guards for next year’s Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast.

Prospective guards will study a Certificate 3 in Security Operations, as well as be encouraged to obtain qualifications as unarmed guards and crowd controllers.

These new recruits will bring the Games’ security workforce to 4,200 guards.

Domestic Violence Shelters to open

Minister for Child Safety and Family Violence, Shannon Fentiman has announced the opening of a Domestic Violence Shelter is Brisbane’s North.

This will also include a child safety center for victims of domestic violence.

Queenslanders contribute to 44% of domestic violence crimes, and these shelters aim to provide refuge to victims of abuse. 

Labor to reject citizenship changes

The Labour party is expected to put the brakes on the Government’s plans to change citizenship laws.

The shadow cabinet is set to block the proposal until changes are made, and say that the LNP have made the language pass mark too high.

The party has also rejected the plan to make immigrants wait four years before they can apply for an Australian Citizenship.

Meat labeling campaign

Two federal MP’s are campaigning to ban meat that is sourced locally and processed overseas from being marketed as Australian.

The push for the reform comes from a need to protect Australia’s reputation as a producer of safe and high-quality meat.

The bill aims to help protect 35,000 local meat processing jobs, as well as Australia’s high standard of animal welfare and worker safety.

London Terror

The man responsible for a terror attack on a London Mosque has been identified as Darren Osborne.

The 47 year old mowed down at least 11 people in Finsbury Park, and he is being detained for attempted murder and terrorism offences.

One man has been confirmed dead with several others injured.