Leading lactology researcher joins UWA in world first and more zedlines...

Breastfeeding mothers in Western Australia are set to be the first to benefit from one of the world’s leading researchers in lactology, joining The University of Western Australia. Picture source: public domain pictures.

Professor Valérie Verhasselt has been appointed the Larsson-Rosenquist Chair in Human Lactology, the first ever position like it in the world, at UWA’s School of Molecular Sciences.

Belgian-born Professor Verhasselt will pursue her research into the identification of maternal milk factors and their targets in in babies, which are critical for allergic and metabolic disease prevention.

Professor Verhasselt’s research is predicted to set new standards for the care of mothers and their babies and will allow medical practitioners the ability to improve long-term health from birth.

More testing done for blood born diseases on dental clients

An additional 2500 people have been tested for blood born diseases following a sixteen month delay in closing a Brisbane dental clinic.

Carina’s Gap Free Smiles was closed temporarily during December 2016 despite health service complaints first being made in August 2015, as confirmed by the Queensland Health Ombudsman.

The 2500 people who attended the clinic during that period have been tested for Hepatitis C and HIV.

In total, 5100 patients have had to be tested, though authorities say none were infected.

Cole Miller one-punch killer faces deportation after being taken into custody

The New Zealand born man who has pleaded guilty to charges arising from the fatal assault on Brisbane teenager Cole Miller is facing the possibility of deportation as early as today.

21-year-old Daniel Maxwell was taken into custody by Australian Border Force officers yesterday after his visa was cancelled.

Australian laws stipulates foreigners convicted of a crime who then serve more than 12 months' jail time will have their visa automatically revoked.

Mr Maxwell has been awarded an 18-month jail sentence which has been suspended based on time already served.

Australia urged to create anti-slavery commission

The joint committee on foreign affairs, defence and trade is urging Australia to create a modern-day slavery act and independent commissioner to fight worker exploitation.

The committee’s interim report, released yesterday, gave support to the creation of an act which would target human trafficking, forced labour and slavery-like practices in the operation of Australian businesses, companies and governments.

Modern slavery can include domestic servitude, debt bondage and sex trafficking, and is estimated to currently affect more than 4000 people in Australia.

Petition calls for removal of Trump’s honorary degree

Students of Lehigh (Lee-high) University in America are urging people to sign a petition demanding the removal of an honorary degree granted to President Trump in 1988.

The petition says Trump does not reflect the goals and values of the university, saying “nominees should be someone whose work and achievements reflect our value system at Lehigh”.

The degree can only be revoked by the school’s Board of Trustees, who are scheduled to next meet on October 25.

The petition has received more than 12 thousand signatures in just two days.

Indonesian government deploys “peace envoys” in cyberspace

The Indonesian government has deployed online “peace envoys” in an attempt to encourage tolerance and oppose violent extremism in cyberspace.

60 bloggers and IT experts have been trained to share content promoting pluralism and peace in the form of graphics, memes, videos, comics or text.

One participant says they find 17 thousand messages of hate speech everyday, compared to just 15 hundred positive messages.

The training, conducted by Indonesia’s National Agency for Combating Terrorism, is being held in seven cities across the country this year.