3D Printing gives man new shinbone and more zedlines...

Reuben Lichter has become the first person in the world to have a 3D printed shinbone transplanted into his leg. Image: wikimedia

Princess Alexandra Hospital has hailed this as a world-first surgery, in which five operations have been undertaken over the past six months.

Health Minister Cameron Dick said the procedure was at the outer limits of possible reconstructive surgery, and was a world-first for Queensland.

‘Yes’ protest ends in violent conflict with ‘no’ group

A marriage equality protest has ended in violence, with at least one person injured and another arrested.

The ‘yes’ campaigners were protesting outside an Ashgrove church where people were attending an anti-safe school forum, when the groups met and the violence started.

Cabinet Minister Peter Dutton spoke with 9news following the incident and said individuals should ‘conduct yourself in a reasonable way’, and ‘have a respectful discussion.’

National autism guidelines drafted to help women

National guidelines to help diagnose people with autism have been drafted for the first time in Australia by a team of experts.

As women and girls are known for masking their symptoms, they are often misdiagnosed for other disorders.

Autism educator Bernadette Beasley said the guidelines will help alleviate the stress and pressure on parents of girls with autism, by helping them reach an appropriate diagnosis early.

Australia’s flu outbreak worsens

The current death toll for influenza has risen to 14 in Tasmania.

The virus has already claimed the lives of 73 Australians this year alone.

A majority of the outbreaks have occurred in health care facilities including, nursing homes.

Many health professionals are urging people to stay home if they have symptoms of the flu, and to get their immunisations.

Israeli missiles hit Syrian military site

Israel has fired missiles at a Syrian military site, alleged to have been producing chemical weapons.

The airstrike was carried out from Lebanese airspace, and has killed two people and wounded several more.

The Syrian army have claimed Israel’s attack was an attempt to increase depleted morale amongst ISIS terrorists. Israel is yet to comment on the airstrike.

People evacuated after forest fires erupted in Turkey

Forest fires have caused two villages to evacuate from the Mugla (Moog-la) province in western Turkey.

Around 60 homes have been destroyed but no lives were lost, and aid is being brought to those affected.

The fires broke out earlier in the week, destroying approximately 250 hectares of forest but emergency services have since gotten it under control.