Shopping centre Santas may soon require blue cards and more zedlines...

Foster carers will require further checks, and shopping centre Santas may soon need a blue card if proposed reforms go through. Picture source: Pixabay.

Reports into Queensland’s Child Safety laws are recommending changes to the blue card system including introducing more professions to the list, adding photo id on the cards, and expanding the offenses that disqualify someone from obtaining a card.

The proposed changes come after the state parliament ordered reviews into Child Safety laws due to the death of a child in foster care in 2015.

Medical treatments for individual DNA

Within the next fifteen years, health facilities will be able to provide medical treatment for patients based on their individual DNA.

The Princess Alexandra hospital is already planning to screen around 2,000 Queenslanders for genetic mutations that could develop cancer.

This breakthrough will allow not only for the genetic testing of cancer but will also test for psychiatric disorders.

Lack of leadership diversity within Australian workplaces

A recent report reveals women of migrant backgrounds do not hold many leadership positions in the workplace, due to cultural stereotypes.

The study indicated around 88 per cent of multicultural women would like to advance to senior positions in their workplace however, only ten per cent believed their leadership qualities were recognised and valued.

One of the report’s authors stated, the skills and ambitions of women from culturally diverse backgrounds are often overlooked.

High Court rules in favour of same sex marriage survey

The same-sex marriage postal survey has been given the go ahead by the High Court, after hearing challenges to its legality.

Opponents to the postal vote argued the government did not have the right to spend the $122 million on the vote, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics did not have the authority to collect the information as they are not the Australian Electoral Commission.

The ballot papers will be sent out from the 12th of September to approximately 16 million registered voters and need to be returned by the 7th of November.

Flood Victims in Nepal

Monsoonal flooding and landslides have affected more than 1.7 million Nepalis, with at least 20,000 families still unable to return home.

Concerns are focused on providing temporary shelter, in which supplies are being distributed to prevent an outbreak of waterborne diseases.

CEO of International Nepal Fellowship (INF) Phil Morris said they are supporting local authorities to help those in need, and have sent $20,000 to provide emergency response kits to affected families in Nepal.

Hurricane Irma may hit Turks and Caicos Islands

Hurricane Irma has claimed at least 10 lives in the Caribbean region, and is expected to hit Turks and Caicos (K-Cos) Islands next.

There are concerns diseases could spread rapidly in areas where drinking water and sanitation services have broken down.

Governor John Freeman said they decided to evacuate people from certain islands at low-lying areas, who are deemed to be the most vulnerable to the hurricane.