Support increases for those affected by FASD and more Zedlines

Support for children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and their families is set to be expanded after funding was approved for a new Griffith University project. (Image credit: flickr)

A consortium led by Professor Sharon Dawe from Griffith’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland will help to acknowledge the lifelong physiological, neurological, developmental and behavioral problems for children whose mothers drink alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Professor Dawe’s said early diagnosis and support is essential with children with FASD.


Cancer Council holding Girls Night In to raise funds

Thousands of women are expected to host or attend a Cancer Council “Girls’ Night In” which aims to raise $500,000 through 1,200 events in Queensland this year.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan said “Girls’ Night In” will provide a great opportunity to reach out to loved ones and encourage them to get screened.

Every day in Queensland breast or gynaecological cancer takes the lives of two women, with 12 diagnoses of the disease every day.


Booming kangaroo populations lead to consumption recommendations for Aussies

The increasing numbers of Kangaroos in Australia has lead to recommendations for Australians to increase their consumption of the mammal.

Kangaroo populations currently outnumber humans in Australia on a two to one basis.

Officials have warned if Kangaroo culling such as this is not supported, Australia faces grave ecological risks in the case of the next drought to hit the country.


New Diabetes screening technology eliminates need for specialists

A world-first technique developed by the CSIRO will make detecting blindness in those living with diabetes easier.

Using artificial intelligence-driven technology the new technique will make diagnosis quicker, as well as making screening patients available through GP clinics, eliminating the need for specialists.

Diabetic retinopathy affects one in three people living with diabetes, and can lead to blindness.

Patients had to wait six weeks to three months to see a specialist in the past, however, this wait time will be eliminated with the new technique.


America Remembers 16 years after the world changed forever

US president Donald Trump has led rememberance 16 years after the September 11 terrorist attacks, where three thousand people died.

President Trump says that America cannot be intimidated, in an address in front of the Pentagon, marking a moment of silence at the exact moment when the first plane hit the World Trade Centre in New York.   

Thousands also have commemorated the attacks in New York, gathering for a moment silence with tolling bells.


UN Security council unanimously passes new sanctions on North Korea

The UN security council has unanimously passed a US-drafted set of sanctions on North Korea over their sixth and most powerful nuclear test, the bill received backing from Russia and China.

The sanctions implement a ban on all textile exports and restrict imports of oil products, including natural gas liquids and condensates, also capping crude oil imports at the levels of the past 12 months.

US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says that the US and North Korea have not reached the point of no return and the nation can live in peace if it agrees to stop its nuclear program.

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