Queenslanders lose $215 million to Pokies and more Zedlines

Queenslanders lost a record 215 million in one month to casino and hotel gambling, which equates to an average loss of more than $280,000 every hour per day (Image Credits: Pcb21).

The figures were revealed by a Fairfax Media analysis of open data published by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.


Over the 12 months to July, that figure ballooned to $2.28 billion, a marginal increase on the previous year's $2.27 billion.


Queensland nursing exchange program links city and country


Four nurses have exchanged jobs for three months as part of the State Government's Nursing and Midwifery Exchange Program.


This is the first exchange of its type in Queensland. The program aims to upskill rural and remote staff while providing encouraging their city counterparts to experience country life.


Program coordinator Amy Byrne said she pushed for the exchange pilot when she was director of nursing at Dirranbandi and saw her staff needed professional development opportunities.


Off-roaders want access to nation’s richest aboriginal land


Tasmania’s Liberal government is pushing to reopen 37km of 4WD tracks along the remote Tarkine Coast.


The reopening has been met with disdain from experts including historian Lyndall Ryan who labels the push as vandalism.


For the move to be approved, council would have to attain a permit exempting itself from prosecution under state laws protecting Aboriginal relics.


The three tracks were previously closed in 2012 after the recreational activity damaged the middens, dunes and other fragile coastal environments.


Funding Boost for Eating Disorders Services

Health Minister Greg Hunt, has announced a $3 million funding boost for patients with severe eating disorders.


Patients with eating disorders will now have better access to life-saving treatment, with over 1 million Australians suffering from illnesses such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, the much welcomed funding boost will help save lives.


Mr Hunt says the Medicare review committee is looking at comprehensive and specific coverage for eating disorder patients.


President Donald Trump Criticizes UN during first address

President Donald Trump has criticized the UN’s bureaucracy and mismanagement during his first address to the UN general assembly.


The President’s 2016 election campaign criticized the US’ contribution to the UN in comparison to other member nations, with the US contributing 22 per cent of its core budget and 28.5 per cent of its peacekeeping budget.


The Assembly was in session to sign off on a US-drafted 10 point declaration to initiate effective and meaningful reform, backing reform efforts by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.


21-year-old Irish-Egyptian acquitted

An Egyptian criminal court has acquitted a 21-year-old Irish Egyptian man, who has been kept in pre-trial detention since the age of 17.


Ibrahim Halawa, who says he was regularly tortured during his incarceration, was arrested at 17, following a deadly crackdown on protesters in Cairo and was facing the death penalty.


Mr Halawa is the son of a senior Muslim Brotherhood member and is yet to walk free following Monday’s verdict.