Brisbane Airport could be the new Biofuel hub and more Zedlines

Brisbane Airport is set to become a world hub for biojet fuel, through an agreement between Virgin Australia and US-based biofuel producer Gevo, and it is supported by the Palaszczuk government. (Image credit: Wikimedia)

Premier Palaszczuk says the agreement shows the confidence in Queensland’s growing biofuel industry, with biorefineries set to create 1100 jobs.

Biofuel is currently already used by Virgin Australia in their flights from Brisbane to Los Angeles and could be expanded to more flights from Brisbane airport.  


New push for supporting aboriginal women with breast cancer

A new social media campaign aims to increase early detection in Aboriginal women.

Currently, aboriginal women are 16% less likely to survive breast cancer, due to delayed diagnosis in many cases.

Jacinta Elston from Cancer Australia said shame and stigma held women back from seeing doctors about cancer fears.


Polls show support for family reunion for refugees on the rise

More than three-quarters of responses to a survey of Australian major party voters have shown support for reuniting separated refugee families worldwide.

Refugee Council of Australia CEO, Paul Power, has called on major parties to commit at least 5,000 visas under the family stream of the Migration program for refugee and humanitarian entrants.

Current policies see the demand for visas outstrip available places 7 to 1.


Anglican priest suspended for same sex marriage support

Anglican Priest Father Chris Bedding known for his stand-up comedy and social activism, has been suspended for his support of same sex marriage.

Father Bedding did not perform his regular duties as Rector of the Darlington-Bellevue congregation, instead church administrator Bishop Kate Wilmont took his place, Bishop Wilmont says the matter was due to clergy discipline.

Father Bedding is still listed as the Rector position by the Diocese of Perth’s website, the Priest will remain suspended until his trial is heard before the church’s professional standards board.


Russian Opposition leader given 3rd jail sentence

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been given his 3rd jail term by a Russian court, Navalny was sentenced to 20 days in prison for violating a law on organising public meetings.

This 20 day sentenced stops Navalny from leading a major rally on President Putin’s birthday in St. Petersburg.

Navalny has been imprisoned prior to this sentence, for organising two rallies in Moscow which were not authorised by the city.


At least 15 killed in protest clash in Cameroon

Protests by supporters of the separatist movement in Cameroon have ended in violence with at least 15 confirmed dead.

The protests which took place on Sunday were spread across a number of towns as part of the increasing separatist movement, which is based on a believed marginalisation by the Cameroon government.

Cameroon president Paul Biya has condemned the violence, calling for dialogue to unite both sides.

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