Property developers to be banned from donating to state and local government and more Zedlines...

Property developers will be banned from giving political donations at a state and local government level. (Imgae Source: 7th Fleet)

Following on from recent investigated corruption allegations, the Crime and Corruption Commission's report has recommended property developer donations be banned at the local government level.

Announced on Wednesday, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she is in full support of a ban on developer donations and better means to deal with perceived conflicts of interest for councillors.

Neo-nazi group targets Toowoomba with Hitler posters

A Neo Nazi group is boasting about plastering posters featuring Hitler and swastikas across Toowoomba.

The group going by the name of Antipodean Resistance tweeted photos of its posters at a Toowoomba Catholic boys school, a TAFE and in a local park.

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich said there is something deeply troubling and unsettling happening in Australia with a surge in the presence of white supremacists.

Nigel Scullion urged to fix work-for-the-dole scheme that leaves some families without money

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion is being blasted for not moving quick enough to address a work-for-the-dole scheme that is punishing disadvantaged first nations communities.

The community development program has issued $15 million worth of fines on unemployed people in remote Australia in the past two years.

Senator Scullion released a media statement earlier this year promising a consultation process on a new employment and participation model for remote Australia, however has yet to start the process.

Victoria premier predicts ‘furious agreement’ from states on Turnbull terror measures

State governments are likely to support the Turnbull government’s calls for a national face-matching database at a COAG security meeting today.

Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews says the states were also on board with extending pre-charge detention periods for terror suspects up to 14 days, in line with current New South Wales law.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull revealed his government would ask the states to hand over drivers license photos for a national database of faces to be used by biometric face-matching software at airports, stadiums and other public areas.

Puerto Rican Island Vieques Still Waits for Help After Hurricane Maria

Residents on the Caribbean island Vieques are frustrated as they have received little assistance compared to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the region a fortnight ago.

U.S senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey have urged President Donald Trump to increase aid efforts in Vieques during his visit in Puerto Rico.

There remains to be an almost total communication blackout and food and water scarcity for the nine thousand residents on the island.

Frustration felt from millions by Israel sealing off West Bank and Gaza Strip for week long holiday

Israeli authorities has sealed off the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip for eleven days as the Sukkot holiday commences.

At midnight on Tuesday, all crossings to the West Bank and Gaza Strip were closed off to four million Palestinians in the territories, with people who hold an Israeli work permit losing their livelihood for the next 10 days.

Kamal Haddad, a local official in Beit Iksa, northwest of Jerusalem, says workers in the area have already been denied entry into Israel and settlement construction sites for several days.