Same-sex marriage survey forms burned after misunderstanding in Arnhem Land and more Zedlines...

Residents of a remote Arnhem Land community have burned their same sex marriage survey forms after misunderstanding the question. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Deputy statistician Jonathan Palmer said that the people in Ramingining believed the survey was asking whether or not a man should be compelled to marry another man.

The destroyed surveys have been re-issued after a member of the community called for clarification.


Brisbane City Council’s Metro project progressing

Two areas of land are being bought in South Brisbane and Rochedale for Brisbane City Council’s nine hundred and ninety four million dollar Brisbane Metro project to progress.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk confirmed on Tuesday night talks are underway with Queensland Rail to buy the land beside the heritage-listed, South Brisbane rail station.

The underground service is proposed to spread underneath the forecourt of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex, allowing articulated buses to connect to the South East Busway.


Brisbane Girls Grammar School Launches Astronomy Observatory

Brisbane Girls Grammar School is going to be the first Queensland school to launch its own astronomy observatory.

The school has been gathering donations for the two hundred and fifty thousand dollar observatory for the past four years.

The observatory will be named after former student Dorothy Hill who later became the first female professor at an Australian university and the first female president of the Australian Academy of Science.


Triple 000 is up for grabs

The federal government is putting out an expression of interest to possible tenders to run the national triple zero hotline service.

This comes after a Turnbull government review into the service found  opening the service to the tender process now would be premature.

The review found that prolonging the tender process to 2018 would help provide clarity on the future direction of the service.  


Volcanic Activity on Bali Causes Tourism Drop and Governor to Worry

Bali's Governor Mangku Pastika has urged foreign nation leaders to remove travel warnings about the increased volcanic activity in Bali.

The Governor said if Mount Agung was to erupt visas will be extended and accommodation will be provided for tourists.

At least five thousand tourists have cancelled their vacationing plans in Bali causing a twenty per cent drop in the tourism trade in Bali since volcanologists reported Mount Agung will soon erupt.  


Catalan Leader attacks Spain’s King’s position on Referendum

Catalan’s leader has attacked Spain’s king for ignoring millions of Catalans.

Carles Puigdemont has accused King Felipe VI for adopting the Spanish government’s position, claiming the king has rejected a moderating role granted to him by the Spanish constitution.

King Felipe VI has publicly denounced the Catalan referendum which will be held on Sunday, saying it is illegal and undemocratic.