Defence admits to 3 year delay in warning public about toxic foam danger and more zedlines...

The Department of Defence has admitted to a delay in warning the Australian public about a chemical contamination scandal that occurred at 18 Defence bases across the country.

The Defence is now tackling perfluorinated chemical pollution from the widespread use of firefighting foam which contaminated local drinking water across several communities.

It’s revealed that the public should have been warned three years earlier than it did, with the cost to clean up the nationwide contamination to reach the hundreds of millions of dollars.

National Day of Action sees huge anti-Adani protests

Thousands of Queenslanders turned up to Brisbane’s Crosby’s Park on Saturday afternoon to protest against the Adani megamine calling it a once-in-a-generation threat to the environment.

As part of the National Day of Action the protesters gathered to form a giant human sign, spelling out ‘Stop Adani’.

Jeff Hansen, national director of Sea Shepherd Australia, believes the ongoing protests will be one of the largest campaigns of our generation to stop one of the biggest environmental threats Australia has faced in recent years.

Queenslanders set to ‘Get Ready’ for severe weather events over summer 

Weather predictions for the coming Queensland summer are suggesting there will be the typical amount of storms and cyclones, with a reduced risk of flooding, but an increased risk of bushfires.

This week is ‘Get Ready Week’ and Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier and Minister responsible for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, says Queenslanders cannot afford to be complacent with preparations for the storm season.

Ms Trad suggests every household has a ‘what if’ plan in case of emergencies, and homeowners should check local government websites or get in touch with local council for tips on how to be prepared.

Australia’s new digital mental health tool

Over the weekend a new digital mental health website, ‘Head to Health’ was launched as part of a $4 billion annual investment in mental health by the Australian government.

Data reveals that one in five working age Australians will experience a mental illness each year, with evidence showing that for many people, digital interventions can be as effective as face-to-face services.

The website helps people take control of their mental health in a way they are most comfortable with and can complement face-to-face therapies.

Head to Health is a tool that provides online support communities, online courses and phone services all on the one platform for users to access.

Another deadly boat sinking between Myanmar and Bangladesh

A boat carrying Rohingya refugees has capsized on its way to Bangladesh resulting in the death of at least two people, and leaving around 90 missing.

Eight people have been rescued from the boat which was loaded with around 100 people when it sank in the Naf river which separates Bangladesh and Western Myanmar.

There are approximately 40 adults and 50 children still missing, and this signifies the latest in a series of deadly capsizes as refugees continue to flee the war-ravaged Myanmar.

UK high court hearing for gender neutral passports

The UK Home Office will be challenged to provide gender neutral passports at a high court hearing this week.

Lawyers of Christie Elan-Cane, an activist for gender neutral and transgender equality, applied for judicial review to make the UK the eleventh country to offer citizens gender-neutral passports.

Elan-Cane says that it is “inappropriate and wrong” for people who identify as gender non-binary to be forced declare that they are either male or female.

They also argue that in not allowing UK citizens to hold gender neutral passports, while allowing foreign holders of the passports to enter the country, the government is discriminating against its own citizens.